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Shed (Short) Review****-

Cert 15 | 5 mins | 2015

Screenshot 2015-10-12 14.09.53

4 Star Horror

The Cheap Theatre Film Company have produced another short, written, directed and edited by Dylan J. Carver, We Are Humanity, Door to Door.

A man Nick Bylsma and a women Madison Cole split up and the man has to Screenshot 2015-10-12 14.02.47buy a house and he moves in. He isn’t happy about the events as he clears the sign from the front lawn. A stares longingly at a photo of his ex as he plays the answer machines message about the signing of the divorce papers and she will be over tomorrow, to see them signed.

Whilst wandering the house he comes across the crawl-space under the kitchen floor where he Screenshot 2015-10-12 14.03.21finds a small box with a single key in it with a little tag on it saying “Shed”.

Curiosity takes hold and goes to see what his new Screenshot 2015-10-12 14.03.04shed is like. Boring, just shed stuff so he locks it up and heads back indoors. but somehow the door opens and flaps all night waking him… 



A great little film to send the shivers down your spine this Halloween.

Screenshot 2015-10-12 14.10.04

Start your Halloween here Watch Shed now.



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DirectorDylan J. Carver
StarringNick Bylsma, Madison Cole, Dustin Carver
Category: Review, Short