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Silver Dove Ceremonies Independent Celebrant

A 5star performance.

This is a celebration of a man that did a wonderful thing for my father and that 269401_246842008663159_516503_nwas to give him a send off that was personal to each and everyone that was pressent at the funeral.

Peter Wyllie the celebrant took time out to make each person feel special as the ceremony progressed as he celebrated my fathers life and experiences through Peter’s poetry and story telling he did my father proud and pulled at everybodys heartstrings in the right amount, the time we spent comunicating was not  in vain also in conjunction with the Co-op funeral service who looked after my Father Ron Jardine in the physical sense did wonderfully from arrival to departure on his continuing journey from here to there.

Silver Dove Ceremonies
The Manor
Billing Garden Village
The Causeway
Great Billing
07812 421330


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