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Solid State Review***--

Cert TBC | 90 mins | 2012

3 Star

Meteors, Rock and Roll.

For those in the US and Canada, now you can acquire the sci-fi horror, Solid State, brought to you through SGL Entertainment. It comes from director Stefano Milla (Richard the Lionheart) who loves to enjoy different genres, he brings us a hard hitting rock and roll extravaganza.

Earth is in imminent danger, a meteor is on a collision course and has the potential to be an extinction event. Humanity has to act now, so they send up a missile to destroy, or at least deflect the massive hunk of fiery planet.

It appears to be a success and the planet rejoices, but a piece flies off and lands in rural Europe.

Meanwhile Emily T (Debbie Rochon, Santa Claws) is trying to relaunch her singing career, with a new song and dubious video, which she dislikes. But her agent, Fox (Vivica A. Fox, Kill Bill, Vol 1 & 2, Independence Day) thinks that the best way for her relaunch her dwindling stardom is to rejoin her old band mates and do a comeback tour of Europe.

Against her better judgement she agrees and meets up with Cynthia (Ava Brunini, Into the Woods), Sharon (Suzi Lorraine, Bloody Slumber Party) and Ray (Diego Casale, Il mistero di Dante).

The band finds themselves in rural Europe (gasp) at a villa where the bickering kicks in as old rivalries resurface when the group try and get it together for the tour.

There’s no harmony within the band and when the house keeper turns up after finding a piece that flew off the meteor, they find that she has changed physically and mentally and the band members are forced to flee into the extremely quiet nearby village.

As they flee, strange figures appear out of nowhere and do that shaky head thing, with their faces and body a deathly grey. Even though they go through hell the girls know how to party hard in the midst of it all.

But it is Emily T that manages to put the clues together to make a great discovery.

Will the band get back together, will they manage to save the day? Whatever happens, you will have a hoot as the scenes unfold.

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Available to Order US Version Now.

Soon to be on VOD


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DirectorStefano Milla
GenreHorror, Action, Sci-Fi
StarringDebbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine, Ava Brunini, Diego Casale, Barbara Braconi
Available to buy on : Own it on DVD
Category: Blu-ray, dvd, Horror, Review