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Swede Caroline Cinema Review****-

Cert 15 | 97 mins | 2024

4 star hilarious British vegetable based comedy.

Swede Caroline is a 2024 British comedy mockumentary film, written by Brook Driver, who also makes his feature directorial debut alongside Finn Bruce.

It is in UK cinemas from 19th April 2024.

“He’s not a big shower of emotions, our Tony. I like to say that he’s a grower, not a shower. I don’t mean anything cheeky by it.”

Kirsty (Rebekah Murrell – Pirates, Dead Hot) is a young filmmaker who discovered the world of giant vegetable growing while making a film about the use of pesticides. The hub of this pastime is the village of Shepton Mallet where a highly competitive contest is held every year, frequented by a group of dedicated individuals.  Alan Bumbridge (Jeff Bennett – Emmerdale Farm, EastEnders) is currently the world record holder for the heaviest marrow, but this year his title is under threat from Gary, an enormous entry from Caroline (Jo Hartley – This is England, Eddie the Eagle).

In a controversial move, Gary is disqualified for having a hairline crack and Paul (Richard Lumsden – Darkest Hour, Doctors), her friend and neighbour is furious. In the wake of ‘Marrowgate’, Kirsty decides to document Caroline’s journey to next year’s competition, using the offspring of Gary that she has been nurturing with the help of her next door neighbour Willy (Celyn Jones – Submergence, Set Fire to the Stars).

When her greenhouse is raided and her prized plants stolen, Paul (who fancies himself an amateur sleuth) is determined to investigate, but she also enlists the services of her friends Lawrence (Ray Fearon –  Beauty and the Beast) and Louise (Aisling Bea – Greatest Days), a couple of sex mad private investigators. Can they get to the bottom of this heinous crime?

“Lawrence and Louise. Not quite sure what Caro sees in them to be honest. I mean, they’ve got nothing in common. At least I hope they’ve not, some of the things I’ve seen.”

Swede Caroline is an absolute riot and about the most British thing I have seen in a long time. The acting is really good, with everyone throwing themselves into it wholeheartedly. It’s also a great idea for a story and a brilliant debut from this pairing, who will definitely be worth watching out for in the future.

The action is helped along by a banging (and quite naughty) score and there is plenty of fruity language and innuendo, as one would expect from this kind of film. The characters are very well observed, I’m sure we all know someone like each and every one of them, which makes their silly antics all the more relatable.

This mockumentary style of film works really well on bizarre subjects like this and no-one does it better that the Brits. A really fun feel-good comedy and well worth a trip to the cinema.

“When Caroline fancies someone, it’s usually a sign that they’re a bit dodgy, she’s got quite a developed ‘bad man’ radar. Which is why she probably never fancied me, to be honest.”

Swede Caroline will be in UK cinemas from 19th April 2024

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DirectorFinn Bruce, Brook Driver
StarringJo Hartley, Richard Lumsden, Celyn Jones, Aisling Bea, Ray Fearon
Category: Cinema, film, Review