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The Breach Digital and DVD Review****-

Cert 15 | 97 mins | 2023

4 star solid and gory horror sci-fi tale.

The Breach is a 2022 Canadian horror/mystery film. It is based on the Audible Original novel written by Nick Cutter (The Troop) who also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Ian Weir (Arctic Air).

Directed by Rodrigo Gudiño (The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Lee), it is available on UK Digital Platforms and DVD from 10th July 2023 courtesy of Lightbulb Film Distribution.

“Evidently she blamed the disappearance on something her husband invented…He faxed over the deposition. ‘That thing my husband built stole my little girl.'”

Jack Hawkins (Allan Hawco – Quicksand) is the Chief of Police in the small town of Lone Crow. In just one week, he is due to head off to the big city for a brand new start. In true film style, his last week gets more complicated when a family enjoying a picnic mke a grisly discovery.

A body washes up in a canoe, wrapped in hessian. When unwrapped it is revealed to have suffered major damage, the bones are missing and the skin is shredded. Local coroner Jacob (Wesley French – Wynter) is called in, while deputy Connie (Mary Antonini – A Christmas Mission) sets to work finding the identity of the John Doe.

This turns out to be particle physicist Cole Parsons (Adam Kenneth Wilson – Whiskey Business), who was leasing a house in the bush, well away from everyone and with no road access. Reluctantly, Jack turns to his ex Meg (Emily Alatalo – Spare Parts), who runs boat excursions for a living. Off go Jack, Jacob and Meg, to investigate the house.

It’s run down and very sinister and it immediately becomes apparent that something very strange is going on, especially when they are joined by Linda Parsons (Natalie Brown – Nightmare Alley), the wife of Cole. Can they work out what is happening before it’s too late?

“Holy S**t. Where’d the bones go?”

The Breach is a very enjoyable horror offering, with plenty of blood and gore and some really good practical effects. It’s a cleverly written and well imagined addition to the horror sci-fi genre. The acting is pretty good and the backdrops are stunning. The inclusion of a conspiracy theorist is also a nice touch and adds another element of doubt to the story.

Although the sets are limited, great use is made of the space and the atmosphere is set well for each scene. What really sets this apart though is the banging soundtrack, written and performed by the magnificent Slash (Guns n Roses) which properly ramps up the tension and keeps you interested until the action gets going.

A fun and gruesome film and well worth a watch.

“The Mandela effect. Ever wonder why things haven’t been the same in the world since 2008? It’s these scientists. Ever since the day they started playing with particles and collapsing micro black holes, nothing’s been the same.

The Breach will be available to own or rent in the UK and Ireland from July 10  via Amazon, Sky Store, Virgin Media, AppleTV and Google Play. Also available on DVD.

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DirectorRodrigo Gudiño
AuthorNick Cutter
GenreHorror, mystery
StarringAllan Hawco, Emily Alatalo, Wesley French, Mary Antonini, Natalie Brown
Available to buy on : Own The Breach on DVD
Category: Digital, dvd, film, Review