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The Integrity of Joseph Chambers Review****-

Cert 15 | 96 mins | 2023

4 star tale of misplaced middle class masculinity.

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers is a 2023 American survival thriller film written and directed by Robert Machoian (The Killing of Two Lovers).

It is available on Digital Download and Blu-ray in the UK and Ireland from 17th April 2023 courtesy of Lightbulb Film Distribution.

“You haven’t hunted enough with Doug to go out on your own, I keep telling you I have a funny feeling about this and you just keep ignoring me.”

Joseph Chambers (Clayne Crawford – A Walk to Remember, Lethal Weapon (TV Series)) is an insurance sales man from the city who has moved his family to Alabama in search of a better life. His wife Tess (Jordana Brewster – The Faculty, The Fast and the Furious) was born and raised in the area, in a family of survivalists and grew up with her father preparing for the end times.

In this environment of extreme masculinity, he feels somewhat inadequate when it comes to being able to provide for and protect his family. To prove to them (and more to himself) that he is up for the job, he trims himself up a magnificent seventies moustache and heads out on a solo camping trip, against the wishes of Tess who thinks he isn’t ready yet.

He swaps his slick city car for a large pickup owned by his mate Doug (Carl Kennedy – Dopesick), who also lends him a hunting rifle and off he goes. He is indeed clueless when it comes to bushcraft, bungling around waving the rifle left right and centre, tripping over his own feet and all the while carrying out a self congratulatory internal monologue.

Things go from amusing and a little bit endearing to more serious, when he encounters another hunter in the woods (Michael Raymond-James – American Insurrection) and is forced to make some potentially life changing decisions.

“I am the Moustache man, King of the Mountain, here I stand,”

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers is a really well written film, nicely directed and with an entertaining and occasionally thought provoking story. It’s a simple premise, but beautifilly filmed and held together by a masterful performance from Clayne Crawford, who has you hooked right to the finall scene. Also look out for a surprising appearance from Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy) at the end, always a joy.

There isn’t really any action, it’s not that kind of film, but it’s well paced enough to hold the interest. With moments of laugh out loud funny comedy too, this is a great watch and well worth adding to your collection.

“I was following this deer. I’m trying to learn how to be self-reliant, in case things get worse, you know?”

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers is available on Blu-ray and UK and Ireland Digital Platforms from 17th April 2023.

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DirectorRobert Machoian
StarringClayne Crawford, Jordana Brewster, Carl Kennedy, Miachael-Raymond James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Available to buy on : Own The Integrity of Joseph Chambers on Blu-Ray
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