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The Killer Digital Review****-

Cert 15 | 95 mins | 2022

4 Star

Gun-Fu Goes East.

Producer turned writer Ji-Woong Nam (The Ugly Duckling, The Con Artists) weaves a tale of high-octane death and destruction, as a retired killer is on a rescue mission. This slick Gun-Fu movie is directed by Jae-Hoon Choi (The Swordsman, The Hypnosis) and he brings all the action to life as the bodies drop. A must-watch for the action, Martial Arts fans.

Bang Ui Gang (Jang Hyuk, Chuno: Slave Hunters TV Mini Series, The Swordsman) is a wealthy man with lots of time on his hands, he lives in a luxuriant home with his wife. She wants to go on holiday with her friend for three weeks while their house is renovated.

17 years old, puberty – a reckless age. Adult physique with a kid’s brain. An immature human who can’t handle herself yet.

But there is a catch, she wants her friends’ seventeen-year-old step-daughter Kim Yun-Ji to stay at their house (Seo-young Lee, Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? TV Series). He reluctantly agrees, and after dropping his wife and friend at the airport, he goes to pick Yun-Ji up. Another shock when picking up Yun-Ji is that she is with a friend, Yun-Ji, but it turns out to be a pleasant surprise, as Yun-Ji wants to spend a few days at her friends. Bingo, Ui Gang’s dreams have come true, no babysitting. He agrees and as a present he gives her a wallet full of money, for emergencies, and to keep out of trouble.

Ui Gang is rudely woken in the night by his phone, Yun-Ji, says she is in pain and wants picking up, so he dresses and goes to pick her up, but when he gets to the café, she seems OK and is with a boy. Being a teenager, she is coy and more interested in her phone. Eventually, she says she is fine and he can go home. Sat in his SUV, he sees her get on a moped with some boys with her friend. After seeing an unconscious girl on a bench, he decides to go after her. He finds them at a closed roller-skating rink. Where the boys and Sung Yeon (Bang Eun-Jung, My Lovely Angel, Young Adult Matters) are trying to convince Yun-Ji, and Yun-Ji to use their young innocent bodies to please some men.

She is not allowed to be hurt.

Ui Gang arrives and this causes consternation, and one of the boys attacks him with a knife. Big mistake, as this is where we see Ui Gang’s Martial Art skills, as he easily disarms the youth, and throws it at another youth to stop him in his tracks. But it is Sung Yeon who is in charge and as he is keeping the boys at bay she manages to stab him, but he just shrugs it off before sorting her out.

He takes the girls away, leaving everybody in the rink. That is until Detective Lee (Lee Seung-joon, The Good the Bad the Weird, The Divine Fury) stops him and Yun-Ji at a road cordon, and finds out that there were five youths killed at the closed roller-skating rink, and it gets worse as Sung Yeon phones and says she has the knife with his prints on it, the one that killed all those youths.

Ui Gang has a mission, and this is the start of a Martial Arts, Gun-Fu fest as Ui Gang needs to find who is behind the people trafficking and the pervert at the end of the trail. With great fight choreography, with feet, fists and guns, this is an action gem.

The Killer is a must own for any Martial Arts and Action fan

The Killer is available on DVD and Blu-ray


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DirectorJae-Hoon Choi
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
StarringJang Hyuk, Bruce Khan, Cha Tae-hyun
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