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The Locksmith Digital Review***--

Cert 15 | 92 mins | 2023

3 star well executed and solid thriller.

The Locksmith is a 2023 American thriller film directed by Nicolas Harvard, his directorial feature debut. It is based on an original story by Blair Kroeber with a screenplay by John Glosser, Ben Kabialis, Chris LaMont and Joe Russo. Looking at the number of writers involved, you could be forgiven for thinking that this film is far more complicated than it actually is.

It is available on UK Digital Platforms from 24th April courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

“This is no excuse, but ten years ago I was afraid I couldn’t provide for you guys, so I f****d up. I made a really, really bad decision.”

Miller (Ryan Phillippe – Crash, Cruel Intentions) is a locksmith by trade but has fallen on hard times. As the film opens we see Miller and his friend Kevin (George Akram – Sins of Our Youth. Stepping Into Love) putting their skills to the test for criminal purposes. Unfortunately for them there is a motion sensor concealed with the money and the police are called. Even more unfortunately, the attending officer is Zwick (Jeffrey Nordling – Flight 93), a bent cop who fatally shoots Kevin, frames Miller and threatens him to keep his mouth shut about what really happened.

Ten years later and Miller is released from prison. He is met by his mentor and friend Frank (Ving Rhames – Pulp Fiction, Mission: Impossible II) who helps to set him up with a job as a handyman (he lost his locksmith licence) and get him settled back into life on the outside. His first order of business is to reconnect with his ex Beth (Kate Bosworth – The Enforcer, Barbarian), who was working as a waitress (but not in a cocktail bar) when they met and is now a police officer. How things change in ten years. He is also keen to see his young daughter Lindsay (Madeleine Guilbot – Christmas Lovers Anonymous) and get to know her.

He gets his first job, courtesy of April (Gabriela Quezada – As Good as Dead), the daughter of Kevin, who wants a favour. Naturally he feels obliged to help, but what will the consequences be for him and his family?

“Rise and shine Good Behaviour. You’ve got a job.”

The Locksmith is an entertaining film which is surprisingly mellow for the genre. Most of the protagonists are quite mild mannered and mostly just trying to help out their families. It is frustrating in places and I did find myself shouting at Miller a few times for his decision making processes.

The whole thing is very straightforward and predictable, with no discernable twists and the plot devices laid out well in advance. This can be refreshing for a change, no effort is required in the enjoyment of this modest noir thriller. Ideal for a relaxing afternoon flick and well worth a stream.

“You know, Vice is a dangerous unit. I mean, things happen out there, okay? And all you’ve got is your fellow detectives to watch your back.”

Signature Entertainment presents The Locksmith on Digital Platforms 24th April

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DirectorNicolas Harvard
GenreCrime, thriller
StarringRyan Phillippe, Kate Bosworth, Ving Rhames, Gabriela Quezada
Category: Digital, film, Review