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Vulpes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Review****-

27 mins | 2023

4 Star

Moody Sounds for a Violent Film.

Writer/director Benjamin Helmeczi (Vulpes: Prologue) revisits his 2018 Short Horror, Thriller where animal abuse is not tolerated (animal abuse is not something that you can get away with a fine or jail sentence). Also, Gergö Elekes (I Hear the Trees Whispering, Aftermath) once again takes on his role of creating the soundtrack for this seventy-minute Horror film. Hungarian Independent filmmakers go from strength to strength, and all those around them.

In Vulpes: Prologue, the town of Wreathwood where a mysterious limping man opposes animal abuse, he takes it out on the perpetrators in very violent ways, and he posts it all on the internet.

Our limping man didn’t get all his cells filled, as one remained empty, it is time to rectify that mistake, as animal abuse still continues. He and his followers manage to acquire said quarry, and set about doing what they do best as they broadcast to the waiting world. Detective Matthew Langford is to lead a taskforce to put an end to these broadcasts and the torture.

This is where Gergö plies his craft in setting the moody tones to this horror thriller, with thirteen tracks with titles such as:-

1, Special Forces. 2, Bring Me the Last One. 3, Detective Langford. 4, Halloween Night. 5, Hello David. 6, Torture. 7, Farewell. 8, Showtime. 9, Vulpes Speech. 10, Foxhole. 11, Forest Chase. 12, Snow Leopard. 13, Animal Rights.

A great way to spend twenty-seven minutes, for this soon to be released horror thriller. Once again, Gergö Elekes sets the mood for this genre of film.

Vulpes Original Picture Soundtrack is Available Here.


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GenreVulpes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Horror, Thriller