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WE 12 Cinema Review****-

Cert 12A | 97 mins | 2024

4 star fun for fans of MIRROR.

MIRROR are a 12 piece HK Cantopop boy band who emerged from the reality T.V. talent show “King Maker”. To celebrate their 5th Anniversary, they have produced this idol-style action comedy, the first film to feature all 12 members of the band.

Released to coincide with their  first international tour, WE 12 is now showing in UK cinemas, courtesy of Trinity CineAsia.

“They are the top dogs in the Kaito’s. My biggest worry is they are way too into solo act. It’s been ages since they teamed up. The latest gig concerns the Forbidden Science Society. They are all about the lone wolf style. No team spirit. No group tactics.”

In the world, which is ordinary yet a little bit extraordinary, there is an underground organization called the “The League of Kaito”. Their members silently guard the social order and peace. Within the organization, there are 12 geniuses, each with their own unique skills.

Kaito Ian (Ian Chan Cheuk Yin) is good at planning, Kaito KT (Keung To) is a master of hypnosis, Kaito Stanley (Stanley Yau Sze Chun) is skilled in eavesdropping, Kaito A. Lo (Anson Lo Hon Ting) is most adaptable, Kaito Edan (Edan Lui Cheuk On) is excellent in abseiling ,Kaito Jer (Jer Lau Ying Ting) can instantly disguise himself, Kaito Tiger (Tiger Yau Ngo Yin) knows how to read lips from a distance, Kaito Alton (Alton Wong Chi Tak) is a world-class hacker, Kaito AK (Anson Kong Ip Sang) masters animal telepathy, Kaito Lokman (Lokman Yeung Lok Man) is familiar with unlocking techniques, Kaito Frankie (Frankie Chan Sui Fai) has the strongest sixth sense, and Kaito Jeremy (Jeremy Lee Chun Kit) has a natural super memory and can read and memorize large amounts of information at a glance. They are the star members of the League of Kaito.

One day, they received instructions from Boss (Tak-Bun Wong – Men on the Dragon), to gather at headquarters to complete an important case that will affect the entire world. The biggest challenge is that the 12 of them have been separated for years, each busy with their own affairs. Thus, they lack mutual understanding. Facing the important case that Boss highly values, the 12 of them have to work together again after being apart for so long.

They not only need to rekindle their team spirit but also face the top enemy of all Kaitou, security manager Johnny (Yeung Wai-LanOver My Dead Body, The Lyricist Wannabe), who is trying to stop them, making the mission even more difficult. (Many thanks to Trinity CineAsia for the excellent synopsis!)

“Never underestimate the power of teamwork. To thrive, you’ve got to embrace the team spirit. With all 12 of you working together as one.”

WE 12 is a very enjoyable film to watch. It is primarily aimed at existing fans, with the talents of each member reflecting their real life skills in some way. It also reflects the events of the accident which occurred on stage at their Hong Kong show, and it’s great to see them all looking well and happy.

This is the first film to feature all 12 members and they come across brilliantly. They obviously had a great time making this film and they seem like a lovely bunch of lads, who will no doubt garner themselves a whole new fan base following this film.

The fight scenes are really well choreographed and while it can’t be easy to write a film for 12 people, first time writer Lai Sze Cheung and director Berry Ho have certainly pulled it off here.

Even if you are not a fan, this is a thoroughly enjoyable watch, laugh out loud funny in places and well worth a silly visit to the cinema. Don’t forget to watch to the end for an excellent gag reel that nicely finishes off the experience.

“This duct is tiny and tight. No room to twist around in there. See, I am facing the vent right now, while your butt is facing the vent. How you gonna spy with your butt?”

WE 12 is showing now in UK Cinemas.

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DirectorBerry Ho
GenreCrime, drama, comedy