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We Are Humanity (Short) Review****-

Cert U | 2.59 mins | 2014

wrhumtitle4 Star Sci-Fi Short.

A Film from the The Cheap Theater Film Co

From Writers Dylan J. Carver (Door to Door) & Dylan B. Hart (Rotundus) and Directed By Mr Carver.

wrhumprotestBrings you We Are Humanity. As a very short Short, so it has to pack in it’s concept very quickly and it does. Leaving the viewer wondering if it was them, what decision would you make. A good one for discussing over a cold one with your friends.

wrhumctfcTwenty years ago, an alien craft appeared. It’s been hovering over the city ever since. Ben (Nick Bylsma, Project: USMSS, Door to Door) and Kaity (Kaity Martin, Quick Fix: A Fat Man’s Love Affair with Cocaine) share a childhood connection with the craft and find emotional solace within each other when they’re faced with a decision that will change everything. Even though the ship has been hovering for twenty years with no contact, it is long enough for the rest of the city to get on with life as sirens blare as the police attend some other infringement of the law, as those who have grown up with it, still feel the awe of an alien race almost amongst them.

wrhumset Watch We Are Humanity here.


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DirectorDylan J. Carver
GenreShort, Sci-Fi
StarringNick Bylsma, Kaity Martin, Dylan B. Hart
Category: Review, Short