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HG’s The Cobra Interview and Now the Prologue

hgcobraIntroducing the independent series HG’s: The Cobra that has just passed pre-production and is now ready to film in Durban, South Africa, by the up and coming Director, Editor,  Actor, Writer, Composer and Music department Dayakar Padayachee (Glances 48 Hour Film Project: Durban (Short)), who is a young man, that has a vision of becoming a leading light in the SA film industry. See what he has in mind, in our Exclusive interview with him.

Plot Synopsis:

hgcobra3Donald Gobers, the CEO of a business corporation, “Dontania” sets up a meeting with his executive director, Samuel Willard.

He tells him that he feels endangered and that a masked character is after him after the events of the Dontania chemical labs exploding and affecting the business. In the crossfire, a hero cop, military doctor and a mafia boss had been killed, and now Donald’s special ops team are being taken out one by one. He needs the support of the police force who feel convinced that Dontania is to blame for the events of the day.

We said Watch this Space: so here is the Prologue. ‪#‎hgsthecobra‬

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Dr. Jake Harts-Peter Nyide

hgcobra1Donald Gobers-Matty Needham

Samuel Willard-Kylen Coetzee

THE COBRA- Peter Nyidi

Directed by

Dayakar Padayachee

hgcobra2Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Kylen Coetzee

Dayakar Padayachee

Edgar S. Roshev.


RoadRash Reviews has managed to grab an Exclusive Interview with Director and creative force Dayakar Padayachee behind, HG’s The Cobra.

 1: How did Hakar-G Films get born?

The name Hakar-G Films came from my school days, friends used to nickname me Hakar-G, and overtime I used it as my “Editing” name and eventually it just became the company name. It was registered two years ago and I’m trying to grow it into its own independent company that can challenge VideoVision, the only successful film company in South Africa.


2: Where did the Cobra originate i.e Comic, idea?

Also school days, I would sit in Art class and just draw pages and pages of this character’s adventures. It was a cheesy superhero idea with tongue in cheek humour and it was very lame if I had to look back on it. However the name Cobra, stuck, despite the title being used in many other things, especially famously G.I JOE: The Rise of Cobra. Then my late friend Tyson Murugan read some of it and he also wanted to do an original superhero genre based story and we worked hard together to piece a dark and more real world for The Cobra character.


3: You have worked with Kylen Coetzee before, has this been a long relationship, and who else have you worked with?

Kylen Coetzee was introduced to me late last year. We are planning on future works, i.e a film he’s written called Averagely Crazy which is in the pipelines. We also worked on a short film he wrote called Glances, a romantic Silent Era film which won Audience Choice award for Best Film last year October. He’s also an avid fan of Marvel and Dc Comics like myself and we hit it off as good friends. I’m also working with a fantastic man named Edgar S. Roshev, who is project manager of The Cobra short film and series and co-star in a mysterious role called White Fang (wink)


4: Where and how often do you want to see your episodes aired?

Well once all ten episodes of the first season is done, I would like The Cobra to be aired weekly and I hope it to be aired online.


5: What aspirations do you have for Hakar-G Films and yourself?

Hakar-G Films will start off as Video Editing and Graphic design service for the public; this will act as a way of funding a long term network of movies and series, sort of like Netflix.


6: What can you tell us of the world ‘The Cobra’ lives in, and who he encounters?

The Cobra is set in an alternative universe of South Africa. The city I live in, Durban, within the alternate Universe is named Dolex City. Where our short film and series start is that the city has been taken over by business moguls named Dontania Corporation. Our character Jake Harts who is a military doctor becomes The Cobra through a series of unfortunate circumstances and finds himself an enemy to the public. He pushes through the corrupt faces of media and society oppression and tries to tear down the curtain to reveal the true face of Dontania and unmask them as the true villain of the story.

A big thanks to Dayakar Padayachee for taking time out to talk to us, watch this space for updates on HG’s: THe Cobra.

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