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VIOLENT STREETS [Bôryoku gai] (AKA VIOLENT CITY) (Masters of Cinema) Special Edition Review****-

Cert 15 | 96 mins | 1974

4 Star

Fewer Words, More Action.

From popular director Hideo Gosha (Goyokin, Hitokiri), he takes a diversion from his usual Samurai based films and turns to the mean streets of Tokyo, in this uncompromising dark and ruthless action classic. His vision is like something from the 1940’s, a strong hard quiet man (Humphrey DeForest Bogart, Casablanca, In a Lonely Place) who takes on the challenges of yakuza’s and big business.

One of the hotspots in Tokyo is the Madrid, a Spanish themed club, complete with Flamenco dancers, guitarists and singers. As we enjoy the entertainment, there is a commotion at the bar, some customers from the Togiku group, a business group that used to be Yakuza’s, but prefer to turn a profit, with a more legal business face.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the city, rising star Minami (Minami Nakatsugawa) prepares to sing on her TV show, but while putting on her makeup, she is kidnapped by unknown assailants. It is not long before her absence is noticed and the blame for her disappearance is put on the infiltrating Yakuza group the Western Japan Alliance of Osaka, the rival to Togiku group, and the owner of Minami’s contract. There is tension already, but when the kidnappers get in touch they want a massive ransom for her safe return.

Madrid club and the man in charge Egawa (Noboru Andô, New Battles Without Honour and Humanity, Those Swell Yakuza) has to deal with the argumentative corporate customer, tying to placate him and compensate him for his deliberately damaged European suit. But Egawa isn’t a man to be messed with, as his family used to work for the Togiku family when they used Yakuza to sort out their problems, and Egawa’s family was the best. That is why they gifted the Madrid to him when they changed tactics.

When Egawa is visited by some of his old family members, they try to get him to lead them in a turf war that they have instigated, Egawa’s family will fill the void once the swords fall silent. However, he doesn’t want anything to do with it as this would bring him into conflict with Togiku’s head, Gohara, the man that married his love Yuko, whilst he was in prison for his crimes defending the Togiku family.

Egawa is a man that is weary with all this bullsh*t, but he won’t take people trying to ruin his slice of life in the Madrid, the place he now calls home. With his dark and brooding demeanour, you are waiting you the coil to snap. When it does… Well, you’ll have to see, they don’t call it Violent Streets for nothing.

Hideo Gosha’s Violent Streets makes its worldwide debut on
Blu-ray from a new restoration completed by Toei Company, Ltd.

A great way to start your Yakuza film collection.

VIOLENT STREETS [Bôryoku gai] (AKA VIOLENT CITY) (Masters of Cinema) Special Edition Blu-ray is available now on Amazon and the Eureka Store


Limited Edition slipcase featuring new artwork by Tony Stella | 1080p presentation on Blu-ray from a 2K restoration of the original film elements | Optional English subtitles | An introduction to Violent Streets and the works of director Hideo Gosha by film critic Tony Rayns | Jasper Sharp on Violent Streets | PLUS: A collector’s booklet featuring a new essay by Japanese cinema expert Tom Mes



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DirectorHideo Gosha
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
StarringNoboru Andô, Akira Kobayashi, Isao Natsuyagi, Bunta Sugawara, Tetsuro Tanba
Available to buy on : Own VIOLENT STREETS [Bôryoku gai] (AKA VIOLENT CITY) (Masters of Cinema) Special Edition Blu-ray on Blu-Ray