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Distortion: A Social Media Story Trailer

From writer, actor, director Javier Espinoza comes his first feature film about social media and we bring you the trailer.


Social media is a huge part of young people’s lives. Just ask Mackenzie,
who wants to be the next big model. Or Max, who uses dating apps to
hook up with girl after girl. Or Evan, the wellliked, popular kid whose life seems amazing, at least from the looks of his feed.
But it’s all a façade. In this exploration of the impact of social media on
youth culture, a group of teenagers discover the negative effects that
this secret world has on their peers, and how their lives can be changed

Director’s Statement:
I strongly believe that social media has the power to change the world.
Think of everything we’ve been able to do in only the last 20 years or so,
like using Skype to talk with friends who are far away, or Facebook to
stay in touch with people. But social media can also be destructive. Our
friendships, our relationships, and so many aspects of our lives can be
ruined if we as a society use social media in a negative way. We bully
each other, shame each other, and even lie to each other. We use it to
present a version of ourselves to the world, because our lives are not
meaningful enough. I wanted to explore the issues with social media
that young people are going through right now, and send a message
about how this technology that is supposed to connect us is
ironically isolating us from each other and tearing us apart.
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Available on DVD in the USA

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