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Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail DVD Review*****

Cert 18 | 125 mins

5 Stars of the Bloodhound set free of the tv censor.BlackLagooncover

This is great, slick and beautifully violent as the name suggests as this is now an OAV (Original Animated Video), taking it away from the restrictions of the original two series.

Roberta (The Bloodhound) is no longer a terrorist and she’s blacklagoonbloodhoundturned her hand to being the maid for the patriarch of the Lovelace Clan, but now she is on a revenge mission after her boss is assassinated at a political rally.

Let the killing begin, as she lives up to her name by spilling the blood of those that will lead her to her patrons killer.blacklagoonRoberta

Innocent she may look in her maids outfit, but as you’ll soon find out,”looks can kill”.

Her trail leads her to the Island of Roanapur, a den of iniquity with thieves and pirates, this is where Black Lagoon company come in as the new heir to the Lovelace clan Garcia and Roberta’s maid in training Fabiola hires Black Lagoon to help save Roberta from herself more than any of the multitude enemies that are after her hide, (FARK, Italian Mafia, US Military and the Cubans).

blacklagoonherWith the protagonist of the Black Lagoon, Revy enjoying killing and the method of the kill, she revels in the thrill of the fight and the amount of prejudice she can put behind every shot.

Killing is her game and finding someone to question after she has done her shooting is very difficult.

Suddenly the streets are deserted apart from from people armed to the teeth and others hiding behind curtains ready to clean up anybody left alive.

The Americans make their move and so does Roberta.

blacklagoonroberta1She can take out your defences or take your head clean off, best place to be is anywhere but here.

With claret flying in all directions as well as body parts this is a great watch for anyone over 18. Directed by Katabuchi, Sunao who has directed both previous incarnations, (Black Lagoon, Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage).

These are the first 6 episodes and I can’t wait for episode 28 and the rest of this story.blacklagoonbanner2

Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray Now.

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