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Fairy Tail Part 21 Review****-

Cert 12 | 12 x 22 mins | 2015

4 Star

Pain, Flames and Daemons.

Part 21, episodes 240-252 of Fairy Tail is well into the Shinji Ishihira (Ichi: The Killer) directed “Tartaros Chapter”, with the Fairy Tail guild members pitted against their biggest challenge to date. With the whole of the continent in danger, they pit magic against curses.

Human VS Daemon

Jellal takes on the Oración Seis as the Daemons in their Tartaros floating cube try to unlock the final lock with Jellal’s key without destroying him. This allows Crawford the Daemon to unlock their prize the “Face”, a means to destroy all magic in the land thus allowing the Daemons curses to take control of and eradicate the despised human race. They float in the cube of Tartaros headed for the location of the Fairy Tail Guild hall which has been infiltrated by a corrupted Elfman who has placed a bomb in the guild and he detonates Seilah’s bomb.

Believing that the troublesome Fairy Tail guild has been destroyed, the Daemons put their plan into full swing until they spot magic signals coming from below as Carla, Happy and Pantherlily are carrying a deck of cards each, which contain all the saved wizards just before the explosion.

Now the destruction starts as ice fights ice and fire fights fire. The Fairy Tail guild is under pressure to stop ‘Face’ and the removal of all magic. There will be heroics and lots of back stories for us to see as we battle alongside the good hoping to defeat the bad.

“I’m all Fired up Now!”

Fairy Tail Part 21 is available on DVD




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DirectorShinji Ishihira
GenreAction, Adventure
Available to buy on : Own it on DVD
Category: Anime, Dubbed, dvd, Review