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Fairy Tail Volume 13 Review****-

Cert 12 | 10 x 23 mins | 2012

4 Star

Time For Chaos, Not!

Fairy Tail 13 carries on the arc “Key of the Starry Heavens” where Lucy received an artefact from her father’s estate , brought by her childhood friend Michelle.

All the faces look familiar but the names are different and so are their attitudes. The Neo Oración Seis are following orders from the Archbishop of Zentopia and have constructed the parts of the ‘Infinity Clock’. Now the Oración Seis are out to continue their reign of terror on churches to find the seals that stop the infinity clock from taking its true form.

Lahar and Doranbalt meet a young girl called Katja and she is a Celestial wizard and this is what the Oración Seis are hunting, Racer turns up and takes the three on and defeats them and destroys Katja’s link to the her magic, thus breaking one of Will Neville’s seals on the Infinity clock.

Meanwhile Wendy defeats the brainwashed Erigor with her compassion and they realise that maybe there others brainwashed out there.

Gildarts and Laki discover the comatose body of a girl named Michelle and they start to wonder who is the girl that came to visit Lucy at the start of all this. The Oración Seis manage to break the last two seals transforming the Infinity clock into a massive, clockwork dreadnought, that starts to alter time for humans.

What have the Archbishop and the Cardinal got in store for the world and Lucy Heartfillia?

As always the Fairy Tail wizard guild has a blast of a time, as they try to set wrongs right, there will be revelations and betrayals and plenty of battles and as normal Natsu will be shouting and getting all Fired up.

The last three episodes of this release see the start to the season six and the beginning of the “Grand Magic Games” arc and more adventures with Zentopia’s archbishop.

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DirectorShinji Ishihira
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy
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Category: Anime, dvd, Review