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Martian Successor Nadesico Review****-

Cert PG | 740 mins | 1996

4 Star

War, Love and Peace.

All The Anime bring us a complete package of classic 90’s anime, in this Dual-Format release of all the episodes, OVA and feature film of the escapades of those aboard the civilian Battleship Nadesico. Directed by Tatsuo Sato (Ninja Scroll: The Series).

It is the latter stages of the 22nd century and man has gone into the galaxy colonising the other planets. But it is not all happy expansionist as the ‘Jovian Lizards’ attack the United Earth forces in the space above Mars. Admiral Fukube leads his armada against the Jovian Chulip’s and the robots they spew out. The Earth forces fail woefully and they are wiped out. In a last ditched attempt to save the Martian colony the Admiral decides to ram the Chulip that is heading for the colony. Instead of destroying the Chulip it sends it straight into the colony, destroying most of it.

One year later on Earth, civilian company Nergal launch their answer to the Jovian hostilities, the Nadesico and it is down to Goat Hoary to fill the roster. Finding his chief mechanic Seiya Uribatake working in his garage building a robot, he readily accepts just to get away from his wife and child. He finds his bridge crew in Ruri Hoshino, Megumi Reinard and Minato Haruka, he also comes across fry-chef Akito Tenkawa and a battleship always needs a chef.

But this chef has another talent, he can fly an Aestevalis (Mech) and on the way to his new job he bumps into a young woman loading her car and also heading for the new Nadesico. A moment after she departs Akito realises that he has met the girl before, a girl he had saved when the Jovians attacked Mars.

Another recruit is (Gai Daigoji) Jiro Yamada. He is also an Aestevalis pilot and he is very enthusiastic, so enthusiastic that he manages to break his own leg getting out of the Mech. This rules him out as a pilot when the Jovians attack the Nadesico’s base when it is due to launch and Akito springs in to save the girl. He is sworn to save the new captain of the Nadesico, Yurika Misumaru, he jumps into the Aestevalis and heads out as the Nadesico launches underwater  before taking to the skies. The Nadesico has massive cannons and soon defeats the main force of the attack and Akito serves as a great decoy for the ship and it crew, who we soon find out are all a bunch of misfits, but they work well together.

The Nadesico is so good against the enemy that the military believe that it should be under their control. While the crew enjoy their favourite anime the 100 year old Gekigangar 3 the military plan their take over of the giant battleship.

Enjoy the exploits of the Nadesico as they battle the Jovians, the military and the emotions they feel for each other. How many women can love Akito?

A perfect package for the nostalgic anime fan, with added OVA and film to supplement this package.

Martian Successor Nadesico is available on Dual-Format Blu-ray and DVD release

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DirectorTatsuo Sato
GenreMecha, Action, War
Available to buy on : Own Martain Successor Nadesico - Collectors Edition [Dual Format] [Blu-ray] on Blu-Ray