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Peacemaker Kurogane [Complete] Review***--

Cert 15 | 24 x 22 mins | 2003-4

3 Star

Young Vengeance.

From the Japanese anime studio Gonzo Digimation (Chrono Crusade, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate) comes a story of a fifteen year old boy wanting to gain a sword to become stronger, so he can avenge the death of his parents at the hands of a lone Ronin, during the times of segregation from the rest of the World and those who want the Western Worlds influence.

A young boy runs down the road holding a placard, he shouts out about the fact that the Shinsengumi clan are recruiting supremely just, hale and healthy individuals with exceptional spirit regardless of age or standing. He is being pursued by an older youth who calls out his name. The young boy is Tetsunosuke Ichimura and his pursuer is his brother Tatsunosuke, who is a bookkeeper for the Shinsengumi and he doesn’t want his petulant brother getting them in trouble again.

After much weeping and wailing at the gates of the Shinsengumi he is allowed in by the first unit captain Sōji Okita who allows him to spar with him in front of the commander Isami Kondō. After donning some Ken-do gear he attacks the captain and is easily fended off. He even tries a double sword technique, but he is just batted to one side. Kondō approves of the boys spirit but second vice commander Toshizō Hijikata disapproves of the young whelp.

Tetsu is allowed to stay around and at night he witnesses Hijikata take out a group of Ronin that were sent to kill him, he uses extreme prejudice which traumatises Tetsu.

Much to his dismay Tetsu is made a ‘page’ to look after Hijikata’s every need, whilst not doing his chores properly he over hears the clans watcher (spy) talking about the  Chōshū clan, who are responsible for leading a revolution against the Shogunate. Tetsu doesn’t want to be a page any more, he wants to be a watcher.

Peacemaker is the story of a young boy that will ultimately have to kill to avenge his parents but he doesn’t want to kill. The dilemma of his humanity or become a demon like the Vice commanders. He just has to grow up and become that which he wants in the future.

Peacemaker (Kurogane) is available on DVD

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DirectorTomohiro Hirata
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
Available to buy on : Own it on DVD
Category: Anime, Dubbed, dvd, Review