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Psycho Pass 2 Review*****

Cert 15 | 11 x 20 mins | 2014

pp2 3d collectors5 Star

Inspectors, Enforcers and Clouded Psychosis.

Tatsunoko Production (Macross) and their association with I.G. Production (Letter to Momo, Miss Hokusai, Garm Wars: The Last Druid) bring us the continuation of inspector Akane Tsunemori, it is now a year and a half since the escapades of Psycho Pass (2114) in the MSWPB (No Spoilers).

pp2domThe mental state (Psycho Pass) of every citizen is the most important thing to Sibyl, the entity in charge of checking whether a citizen is about to commit a crime. It is down to the Inspectors and their Enforcers (who have a high Psycho Pass) and the Sibyl controlled Dominator weapons. Now Akane is the leader of a MSWPB team with new Enforcers under her leadership and when there is a explosion she and her subordinates must investigate.

pp2_9The explosion was caused by demolition expert Akira Kitazawa, who doesn’t injure anyone and flees the scene. Akane finds his his hideout and is about to confront him as his Crime Coefficient has increased due to the stress of the situation, but she realises that he has set a trap and he escapes taking a female hostage, which he soon releases. She carries on her pursuit whilst ordering Inspector Mizue Shisui and her partner Enforcer Yamatoya to find the hostage that may be a hologram. The pair catch up with the hostage in a park and it turns out the hostage is a man and when Mizue pp2_2pulls out her Dominator to assess the Crime Coefficient of this man, he doesn’t register at all.

When Akane finally gets to where the hostage was located after subduing the bomber she finds carnage, the remains of Enforcer Yamatoya and no Inspector. The only clue is large letters written on the bridge wall, WC.

The bombers Crime Coefficient drops suddenly whilst in custody and under interrogation he claims it is because he has the help of an unknown individual called “Kamui”.

pp2_6This name crops up a few times more as individuals target medical type buildings. Akane is very intuitive and is always on the tail of this elusive Kamui, much to the annoyance of fellow inspector Mika Shimotsuki. Inspector Mizue Shisui’s Dominator is still active and soon becomes two active Dominator’s. With this mystery, Akane and her new Enforcer Togane (who has a chequered history) have their pp2_8jobs cut out.

With excellent anime and a magnificent story this is a must own for the Sci-Fi fan and it will be an excellent addition to any anime fans collection. I am hoping we will be seeing more from Akane and the MSWPB.

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DirectorKiyotaka Suzuki
GenreSci-Fi, Crime, Drama
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Category: Anime, Blu-ray, dvd, Review