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Final Recall Review***--

Cert 15 | 90 mins | 2017

3 Star

Woods, Kids and Aliens.

From conceptual artist to director, Mauro Borrelli (The Ghostmaker) brings us the usual horror of teenagers in the woods and a cabin, what could possibly go right in one night?

Five young high school students are eager to spend time at their families holiday cabin and do some water sports like jet skiing. Couple Rob (Niko Pepaj, Daytime Divas) and Kara (Hannah Rose May, Twisted Sisters) are trying to set Rob’s quiet friend Charlie (Jedidiah Goodacre, Tomorrowland: A World Beyond) up with Kara’s friend Annie (Laura Bilgeri, Toby Goes to Camp) whilst in the back of the SUV is photography nerd Brendan (RJ Mitte, Breaking Bad, House of Last Things). They pull over at a gas station and Brendan announces that he needs to find the restroom but the others just tell him to find a tree, not too difficult a task in a forest.

He finds one round the back of the station and when he is finished he spots a pickup truck with a tarpaulin in the back and the sound of flies fills the air and he spots what appears to be blood leaking from under it. He is just about to investigate further when he is grabbed by a mean spirited man complaining about damn reporters and he throws Brendans camera to the floor. Charlie comes around the corner to find his friend in an armlock, he manages to convince the hunter (Wesley Snipes, Blade, Demolition Man) that Brendan isn’t a reporter and gets him to let him go as he starts brandishing a pump action shotgun. They all rush to get in the vehicle and get out of there.

They drive up into the hills until they come to Kara’s parents luxurious log cabin, whilst she and Rob make out, Brendan wants to set up his camera equipment down by the lake so he can capture pictures of bears in the middle of the night. After that they take a wander in the woods and come across a secluded old small cabin deeper in. They enter and find old military equipment and photo of the hunter dressed as a astronaut. They have to flee when they hear his truck coming up the dirt road. Meanwhile in the snowy wastes of Alaska at a weather monitoring station they spot a massive weather system growing out of nowhere.

It turns out that it is aliens returning to abduct people, a very large number of people and they want the hunter and the people in the cabin, a horror story that has been told many times with the slight twist of it being aliens rather than spirits are axe wielders. Not quite enough Sci-Fi for the Sci-Fi buffs and not enough horror for the blood and guts fans, but it’s a Wesley Snipes film.

Final Recall is available on Blu-ray and DVD


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DirectorMauro Borrelli
GenreHorror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
StarringWesley Snipes, RJ Mitte
Available to buy on : Own it on DVD Own it on Blu-Ray
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