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Halo: The Fall of the Reach Review***--

Cert 15 | 65 mins | 2014

hfotrcover3 Star

Rise of the Spartan.

Director Ian Kirby (Mass Effect, 2,3) takes the novel of the same name by Eric Nylund (Gears of War, Halo: Reach) and brings the saga to the TV. This is the film version of that mini series. With animation that falls short of the games themselves, this release is for the die hard Halo fans. Telling the story of the evolution of the Spartan II secret project.

hfotrhalseyIt is the twenty-sixth century, man has spread amongst the stars.

But not everyone toes the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) line and as a  result they are a threat and these insurgents take delight in wreaking havoc on UNSC planets. Dr Catherine Halsey has a plan to hfotryoungjohnresolve the situation, she has found one hundred and fifty six year olds that have a unique DNA and are far superior to normal humans. Halsey and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes travel to meet John, one of these exceptional children.

When Halsey implements her plan the children are hfotrmesskidnapped and they are replaced by defective clones that will die of natural causes shortly after deployment.

The seventy five selected candidates are shipped to Reach Military Complex, Epsilon Eridani system. It is  September the 10th 2517 and the conscripts are put in the charge of drill sergeant Franklin Mendez, who will put them through rigorous training for the foreseeable future.

hfotrjohnJohn shows natural leadership but has to learn to be part of a team, for him to lead it. Being intelligent as well as tough this is a lesson he learns quickly. With his leadership skills it is not long before he is promoted to squad leader, he asks what is the highest rank that it is possible to reach, “Master Chief” is the answer and John vows to attain that rank.

hfotrnotallmakeitThis is the rise of John and his squad as he and his class-mates go through their training and their first deployment to retrieve a turncoat and the ultimate discovery of they are not alone in the universe, and the Covenant are hostile.

hfotraliensTold from the view point of the other special children and Halsey and all the trials and experiments they go through to become Spartan-II operatives.

John 117 takes the lead.

hfotrbannerAvailable to Order Online Now.

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DirectorIan Kirby
AuthorEric Nylund
GenreSci-Fi, Animation, Action
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