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Jackie Chan’s PROJECT A & PROJECT A PART II Review*****

Cert 15 | 105, 101 mins | 1983-1987

5 Star

Pirates, Crooks and Bent Officials.

Eureka Classics have out done themselves this time with these two classic Jackie Chan (Police story 1&2, City Hunter, The Lego Ninjago 3D, Kung Fu Yoga, Drunken Master, Police Story: Lockdown), Hong Kong Slapstick Martial Arts films that showcase Chan’s talents at their greatest. With spectacular choreography within the fight scenes especially when Chan teams up with Sammo Kam-Bo Hung (Wheels on Meals, Blade of Fury) and the timing of this pair is stunning to say the least. This package is five star with two films and the amount of special features is staggering making this a must for your Jackie Chan Blu-ray collection.

It is the late 19th century and the British Queen rules Hong Kong on land but not sea as pirates run rife in the surrounding seas making trading difficult and other means of getting trade through have to be implemented (corruption).

The navy is trying its best to overcome these problems but they are a standing joke to the rest of the authorities. Sergeant Dragon Ma Yue Lung (Chan) is a member of the navy and he tries his best to stop his shipmates from fighting with the land police, but this is futile as we get our first glimpse of the slapstick martial arts bar fight.

But the big problem is the pirates and when the navy’s ships are sabotaged things have to change and everybody is transferred to the police for intense training, to become a special force to go up against Lor Sam Pau (Dick Wei, Godfather’s Daughter Mafia Blues).

In Part 2 the film takes off where the other finished, but this time Dragon Ma is transferred on land to sort out corruption in the police force and revolutionaries. He must do his job with the same kind of gusto as part one.

A great conversion 1080p and with 5.1 sound you can enjoy this action duo at your leisure.


Special Limited Edition Box Set of 4000 copies
1080p presentations of both films, sourced from brand new 2K restorations and making their UK debuts on Blu-ray
Original Cantonese audio tracks for both films (mono for Project A and stereo for Project A Part II)
Restored 5.1 Cantonese and English audio options
Project A Alternate English dub track from the original UK VHS release
Optional English subtitles
The export cut of Project A Part II, featuring a unique English dub track not heard on any other version of the film [presented in SD]
New video interviews with Asian cinema expert Tony Rayns
Archival interview with Jackie Chan [30 mins]
Archival Introduction to Project A by star Jackie Chan
Interview with actor Lee Hoi San [22 mins]
Interview with actor Yuen Biao [18 mins]
Interview with actor Dick Wei [14 mins]
Interview with actor Michael Chan Wai-Man [20 mins]
Interview with composer Michael Lai [17 mins]
Interview with stuntman Anthony Carpio [29 mins]
Interview with stuntman Mars [15 mins]
Someone Will Know Me [13 mins] – an archival featurette which includes interviews with stuntmen Mars, Chris Lee Kin-Sang and Rocky Lai
Alternate outtakes for Project A from the Japanese version of the film
Archival behind-the-scenes footage [24 mins]
Deleted Scenes
Box set exclusive Collector s booklets for each film, featuring new essays by James Oliver; rare archival material; and full credits for both films!

Project A and Project A Part 2 are available as a collectors Blu-ray

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DirectorJackie Chan
GenreAction, Comedy
StarringJackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Maggie Cheung
Available to buy on : Own Jackie Chan's PROJECT A & PROJECT A PART II (Eureka Classics) Limited Edition Blu-ray on Blu-Ray