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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Season Part 2 DVD Review****-

Cert 12 | 12 x 22 mins | 2013

4 Star conclusion to the Labyrinth of Magicmagip2cover.

This concludes the Labyrinth Saga, going from episodes 14 – 25 (for episode 1-13 review, see Magi part 1) and once again we are set in the beautiful and dangerous world of the Magi Aladdin and his best friend marked for Kingship Alibaba. We start right where we left part one, in the middle of Balbadd with Alibaba confronting the king and demanding that he step down as a Coup d’etat has just taken place.

magip2aliAlibaba strikes down the king as the Kou Empire princess Kougyuko Ren and her adviser Kuuban Ka enter the room to find out who her husband to be will be. Obviously disappointed in the old king, she tells the assembled crowd that they must declare a new king so that the agreement with Kou Empire can be ratified. But that will mean that all citizens will lose their freedom in payment for the debt Balbadd owes to the Banker and the Kou.

Meanwhile, Aladdin is still unconscious, as is Judar, one of the three Magi of this age and things around them are happening as the Rukh start gathering around each of them, white for Aladdin and black for Judar. The tide of destiny will fall from grace and as fate reverses its course we find Cassim in the crowd with the Fog group where he finds out that Alibaba vows that no-one will be king and that the magip2sinRepublic of Balbadd will rise in its place so everyone will live as equals. But Cassim shouts that the riches of monarchy were borne on the backs of the poor and he will fight for them, as the black Rukh surround him whilst the Al Thamen agent Ithnan looks on from high above. Cassim shouts out that the royals should die and Alibaba has to go up against his childhood friend, who is now fuelled by the blackness in his heart. The out-come will haunt Alibaba for the rest of the arc.

magip2kassimSinbad, the king of Sindria and the leader of the 7 seas Alliance, tells Alibaba that the Kou Empire will return in force and will take over and most likely kill all those that are related to the former king. He doesn’t like this, but wakes up on a ship heading into Sindria, as Sinbad vows to try and do everything for the citizens of Balbadd when he meets the Kou Empire.

Now in Sindria, Alibaba meets the 8 generals allied to Sinbad, magip28generalsall having different abilities and from all corners of the world. The Organisation wants what Alibaba and Sinbad have and with Aladdin being the 4th Magi, the first ever! what does this herald? Along with Alibaba and Sinbad being tainted by the black Rukh, their only hope is that Zagan, who can cure any disease, can save them but he lies in the centre of dungeon 61.

The revelation that Kou prince Hakuryuu reveals to Sinbad could put a cat amongst the pigeons.

This is still an excellent series with too much intrigue to go into here without a spoiler alert, so grab this as fast as you can.

Can the World survive with a Dark King Alibaba?

magip2bannerAvailable to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray Now.

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