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Non Non Biyori: Vacation – The Movie Review****-

Cert U | 71 mins

4 star slice-of-life on holiday with the girls.

Non Non Biyori is a Japanese slice-of-life anime series, originally released in 2013. Based on the Manga written and illustrated by Atto and adapted for anime by Silver Link (No-RinFate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya).

Non Non Biyori Vacation – The Movie was released in 2018 and takes place between the end of series two and the beginning of series three.

It is available to buy now in the UK on Blu-ray courtesy of MVM Films.

“As if I could grovel in front of my little sister like this! This is the greatest grovelling I’ve done in my whole life! But was it still not enough?!”

It’s approaching the end of summer break in the sleepy village of Asahigaoka and the youngsters are starting to run out of things to do. When they happen upon Kazuho (Kaori NazukaEureka Seven) and Kaede (Rina Satō A Certain Magical Index) heading off on a shopping trip, they are quick to tag along. They all purchase raffle tickets in the shopping centre, and to everyone’s surprise Suguru wins a trip to Okinawa.

The decision is made to take all five students from the school, Hotaru (Rie Murakawa – Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?), Renge (Kotori Koiwai – Psycho Pass),  Natsumi (Ayane Sakura – Your Lie in April), Komari (Kana Asumi – A Certain Magical Index) and Suguru for the four day and three night trip. They also take Hikage (Misato FukuenDurarara!!x2), who is home for the summer and neighbour Konomi (Ryōko Shintani – Puella Magi Madoka Magica).

They head off on a plane and soon arrive at the popular tourist resort, where they stay in a lovely little guest house. Natsumi makes friends with the daughter of the owner, Aoi (Shino Shimoji – Beatless), who is an avid badminton player and  Renge makes sketches to take back home with her.

They also enjoy late nights and star gazing, as well as scuba diving and kayaking, on their well deserved summer getaway.

“I used to play it with Nii-chan a lot when we were little. The shuttlecock got lost somewhere though, so we haven’t played for a while. If you can’t hit the walls, then how about I help you practice?”

Non Non Biyori Vacation – The Movie is a very chilled out and enjoyable film. It translates the homely and wholesome feel of the series very nicely to a new location and manages to do so without losing any of the charm.

This little interlude is a welcome addition to the story and with it’s beautiful animation and laid back vibes, it is a must own for fans of the franchise.

“There aren’t any adults in this room to scold us right now, are there? In other words, we make the laws in here…Whether it’s eating ramen or staying up late, we’re free to do as we please.”

Non Non Biyori Vacation – The Movie is available to buy now on Blu-ray.

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DirectorShinya Kawatsura
GenreComedy, Slice-of-Life
StarringRie Murakawa, Kotori Koiwai, Ayane Sakura, Kana Asumi
Available to buy on : Own Non Non Biyori: Vacation - The Movie  [Blu-ray] on Blu-Ray