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Non Stop Blu-ray Release Review*****

Cert 15 | 106 mins | 2014

5 Star Neeson doing what he does bestnonscover.

This a tense and compelling film that shows the flaws of man and the thoughts of those who think their country doesn’t go far enough to protect them.

Liam Nesson joins director Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown) once again, to bring you Non-Stop, a film about the not so pleasant in flight entertainment.

nonsneesonBill Marks (Nesson) is a Air Marshal but he is a flawed one as he has a drink problem and those in the know, know about it.

Even though he is seasoned in his job he still hates the take off and he has to wrap a piece of ribbon around his hand to calm himself, much to the amusement of Jen Summers, (Julianne Moore, The Big Lebowski ) the passenger in the window seat.

He is contacted on his secure mobile and says it’s a go, his job starts here, nonsmoorekeeping the passengers safe from all those who may harm the plane or the passengers. After having a cigarette in the toilet he is contacted again but this time it’s not the office.

The effects here are good as you get to see the conversation without the camera always looking at the phone screen.

nonskillThis is where Bill’s day gets serious as the person contacting him is going to kill one person every 20 minutes unless 150 million is deposited into a bank account.

Immediately he starts looking around for the texter and his suspicions start to question everybody’s motives, even Jen’s for wanting the window seat next to him.nonspilot

He takes this information to the Captain, David McMilan (Linus Roache, The Chronicles of Riddick). They decide that they are in a hostage situation, so Bill and the air hostess Nancy, (Michelle Dockery, Hanna) start going through the passenger manifesto and while watching the monitors Bill starts texting while Nancy keeps an eye on who replies.

nonmarshalThere are always two Air Marshals on a flight and Bill turns to the other Jack Hammond, (Anson Mount, Safe) thinking that he is playing a sick prank but what he finds is far worse.

Bill has to make a flash decision and it doesn’t end well for Jack.

With bodies dropping every 20 minutes the drama turns from Bill trying to do his job, to him being accused of being the hijacker, he and Jen have their work cut out to save a plane and all the surviving passengers.

Tense stuff with Neeson and Moore putting in stellar performances along with their fellow passengers.

So strap in and get ready for the flight of your life.





Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray Now.

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DirectorJaume Collet-Serra
GenreAction, Mystery, Thriller.
StarringLiam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Scoot McNairy, Michelle Dockery, Linus Roache.
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