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Sword Art Online Part 3 DVD Review*****

Cert 15 | 5 x 23 mins | 2014

5 Stars as Kirito searches for his Love.sao3cover

It has been 2 years and 2 months since Kazuto adorned  his Nerve Gear and told it to load and join the VRMMORPG of Sword Art Online.

Please watch or read the reviews for Parts 1 and 2 before reading this, as it may spoil the story so far.

This continues the great saga of Kazuto (Kirito) and Asuna as SAO comes to the end of its arc and ALO (Alfheim Online) takes over, with new abilities for the online players.

With great story and lovely animation this story keeps you gripped and slavering for more.

After his revival Kazuto gave the authorities all the information he could about Heathcliff and they gave him the information he yearned for, the location of his love, Asuna.

sao3hospitalWhilst visiting Asuna he is interrupted by Asuna’s father and his associate Nobuyuki Sugou. Her father is always happy to see Kazuto, and at first Sugou is impressed to meet the famous player that defeated SAO.

Kazuto is shocked when Sugou reveals his intentions to be indoctrinated into Asuna’s family, effectively marrying Asuna. The ceremony is in 0ne week at the hospital and when alone, Sugou tells Kazuto that he is not to visit Asuna again except to see the ceremony, as it is his right to have Asuna since it is his company (RETCO Progress Inc) that has been keeping Asuna alive since the bankruptcy of Argus.

Sinsao3suguhace Kazuto entered SAO his sister Suguha has been worried for him, and we find out that Kazuto is not her brother, but is a cousin and that the feeling she has for him could blossom.

Kazuto receives an e-mail, and it is from Andrew Gilbert Mills, (Agil) with  a message and an attached image. Replying to the e-mail Kazuto meets up with Agil at his bar and he tells Kazuto that the picture of what seems to Asuna in a gilt cage. sao3alphiemThe image comes from another  VRMMORPG game, this time run by RETCO. Agil tells Kazuto that this is a magic user game where you have to use skill based attacks, that you can fly in this game and that it compatible with his nerve gear.

The aim of the game is to get to the centre and up to the top of the World Tree where the photo was take by some who had attempted to fly to the top of the tree, (an impossible task, as flight time is limited, until a race reaches the top).

Intrigued at the photo and the possibility of flying he heads home to put on his Nerve Gear, When he logs in he chooses the Spriggan and his old name Kirito.

sao3yuipixieWhat he discovers is that he has all his old stats from SAO, he has no equipment but when he searches his inventory, to his surprise the crystal is there and he activates it bringing Yui into the game of Alfheim Online (ALO) as a Navigation Pixie.

sao3leafaAs he enters the game something isn’t right and instead of arriving in the safe spriggan zone he lands on  his head in a neutral zone forest.

He hears a commotion and investigates and he finds a Sylph player being chased by Salamander players. He intervenes and dispatches the Salamanders letting the last one retreat. He introduces himself and finds that the Sylph is Leafa, and in thanks for the rescue she teaches Kirito to fly, as she knows who he is.

Leafa helps Kirito and decides to join him in his quest to reach the top of the World Tree where the Fairy King resides with his Princess “Titania” (Asuna).

Will he fulfil his Quest to reach his love before she is married to a man she openly hates?

Kirito only has 6 Days Left.

sao3KiritoAvailable to Buy on DVD & Blu-ray on 24th Feb.

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