Road Rash Reviews

Tailgate Review ****-

Cert 15 | 85 mins | 2020

4 stars of magnificently tense horror thriller.
Tailgate is a Dutch horror thriller, originally called Bumperkleef and is written and directed by Lodewijk Crijns (Lap Rouge, Only Decent People). It is presented here with English subtitles courtesy of FrightFest Presents and Signature Entertainment.
“Now you’re going to apologise. To me, and then you go back to your vehicle and that’s all.”

Legacy of Lies Review ****-

Cert 15 | 101 mins | 2020

4 Star
Guns, Feet and Fists.
With fifteen years experience as a writer and director Adrian Bol (Castingx, Blindspot) brings us his third feature film Legacy of Lies, which is an action packed adventure, full of mixed martial arts, guns and car chases, in this spy based thriller.
2008 Kyiv, Ukraine, an abandoned bus depot and there is a clandestine meeting between Russian…more

Brothers In Arms: The Making Of Platoon Review *****

Cert 15 | 100 mins | 2018

5 Star
Blisters, Dirt and Foxholes.
(Straight from the grunts mouths)
Paul Sanchez (Platoon, Navy Seals, Body High) gathers his band of brothers after thirty years, since they all shared a pivotal moment in their lives and everybody that went to see Platoon at the cinema. An independent film that shook the cinematic world.
30th of March 1987 a low budget, independent, non-SAG Film,…more

The Titan Review ***--

Cert 15 | 97 mins | 2018

3 Star
The Future of Humanity.
From three time writer Arash Amel (The Expatriate) comes a foreboding tale of the end of humanity in a couple of decades time. Directed by Lennart Ruff, in his first feature film that shows the strain of what it is to be the hero of humanity even though the populace will not know until it’s too…more

Momentum 2015 Review ***--

Cert 15 | 96 mins | 2015

3 star ambitious action packed thriller.
Momentum was originally released in 2015. It is written by Adam Marcus (Secret Santa, Texas Chainsaw) and Debra Sullivan (Conspiracy) and directed by Stephen S. Campanelli (Indian Horse). It was his directorial debut and the lack of experience does show a little.
“The video is embarrassing, the drive is treason.”
Cape Town, South Africa. A band plays…more

Two Heads Creek Review ****-

Cert 18 | 82 mins | 2020

4 stars of deliciously disrespectful comedy horror.
Two Heads Creek is a British/Australian horror comedy film written by Jordan Waller (Darkest Hour, Victoria), who also stars and directed by Jesse O’Brian (Alien Arrival). Both of them are relative newcomers and this is a brilliant start to their careers, let’s hope for more to come in the future.
“You don’t belong here. You’re…more

Tribal Get Out Alive Review ****-

Cert 15 | 86 mins | 2020

4 Star
My Chemical Zombies
The time is here for first time writer Johnny Walker and first time feature director Matt Routledge to rise, as they bring their independent film, which is full of martial arts and horror to life, what more could you want? Well nothing’ if you are a horror/martial arts fan. Loads of latex and body parts, tight dark…more

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