Road Rash Reviews

SAMURAI REINCARNATION [MAKAI TENSHŌ] (Masters of Cinema) Special Edition Blu-ray Review ****-

Cert 18 | 122 mins | 1981

4 Star
The Dead Are Out For Revenge.
From the writer/director that brought us classic genre defining films such as Tora! Tora! Tora! and Battle Royal, with Samurai Reincarnation he does it again in this fantasy horror. It has way out there ideas that tell the tale of the oppression and massacre of the Christian religion in the seventeenth century Japan. Crazy…more

HOPPING MAD: THE MR VAMPIRE SEQUELS (Eureka Classics) review *****

Cert 15 | 364 mins | 1986-1989

5 Star
Hopping Ankle Grabbers Galore.
Eureka Classics bring us a feast of Jiangshi, in this four film feature on Blu-ray. Following the success of Mr Vampire, there was a clamour for more, and these are the four films that followed, three by the original director Ricky Lau (Encounter of the Spooky Kind II, The Romance of the Vampires), and the fourth…more

CREEPING HORROR (Eureka Classics) 2-Disc Blu-ray Review ****-

Cert 12 | 263 mins | 1933, 1942, 1941, 1946

4 Star
Another Slice of Classic Horror
Eureka Classics once again take us back in time, when horror on the silver screen in cinemas sent shivers up and down the spines of audiences. Now on Blu-ray for you to experience in your own home, up close and personal. With one pre-enforced Hollywood production code (Hayes code) in Murders in the zoo and…more

Craving Review ***--

Cert TBC | 83 mins | 2023

3 Star
Blood, Sawdust, and a Hunger.
Prolific producer, director come writer Jason Horton (I Want to Believe, Monsters in the Woods) brings us his latest horror movie in this tense locked-in thriller. Craving brings the violence and gore, and buckets of claret, thanks to the skills of Alexys Paonessa, (key makeup artist), Robert Bravo (special effects), and Brook Hubbs (visual effects),…more

Ripper’s Revenge Review ****-

Cert 15 | 85 mins | 2023

4 Star
A Man’s Words Have Consequences.
Writer/director Steve Lawson (Bram Stoker’s Van Helsing, Ripper Untold) continues his career in the horror industry with this revisit to the tale of Whitechapel in the late nineteenth century, where ‘Jack-the-Ripper’ roamed the streets killing young women.
Jessica Wingate (Ayvianna Snow, Black Lake: Director’s Cut, The Good Wife) is a very distraught young woman, embroiled in…more

Wolf Hollow Review ****-

Cert TBD | 80 mins | 2023

4 Star
Wolftastic Horror.
Writer/director Mark Cantu (Night Zero, Massacre Academy) brings us a proper old style Werewolf horror flick, featuring great make up effects and gives us an authentic scary monster. The premise is classic, young people in the woods, and everything goes wrong. What more do you want, Wolf Hollow does not disappoint. A must-see for horror fans. #SupportIndieFilms
Kitty (Angel…more

THE CAT AND THE CANARY and THE GHOST BREAKERS (Eureka Classics) [Blu-ray] Review ****-

Cert PG | 280 mins | 1939-1940

4 Star
Don’t Give up on Hope
From Eureka comes two black and white comedy/horror films from the master of comedy Bob Hope (Road to Bali, Road to Rio, Road to Morocco) along with the starlet of the day, the mesmerizing Paulette Goddard (The Young in Heart, Hold Back the Dawn) in this first time Blu-ray UK release. Quick Quips and a…more

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