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Craving Review***--

Cert TBC | 83 mins | 2023

3 Star

Blood, Sawdust, and a Hunger.

Prolific producer, director come writer Jason Horton (I Want to Believe, Monsters in the Woods) brings us his latest horror movie in this tense locked-in thriller. Craving brings the violence and gore, and buckets of claret, thanks to the skills of Alexys Paonessa, (key makeup artist), Robert Bravo (special effects), and Brook Hubbs (visual effects), all held together with atmospheric music by Everett Young. A great treat for Horror fans. #SupportIndieFilms

Middle-of-nowhere America, the bright light of a new morning as sirens cut through the clear air. ‘The Last Exit’ bar stands alone by the train tracks as police officers Shaw (Kim Estes, Underdog, Rising Within) and Washington (Thomas Haley, Bridge of the Doomed, Final X: The Final Experiment) enter the dark blood soaked bar, the only sound is their breathing and the swirling flies, in amongst all the blood and body parts is a blooded woman too frightened to speak. It is 1998, and something went very, very wrong in The Last Exit bar last night.

The Previous Night

Bar owner Les (Felissa Rose, Sleepaway Camp, Cerebral Print: The Secret Files, Wolf Hollow) is behind the bar with Shiloh (Rachel Amanda Bryant, 12 Months, The Campus321) listening to the Shiloh loving Rudy (Frankie Guzman, I Married a Murderer (TV Series), People Magazine Investigates (TV Series)) and his strange opinions on the Bigfoot, with pool playing cowboy Travis (Gregory Blair, Garden Party Massacre, Deadly Revisions).

DJ Rylee (Miranda Bourke, Life of a War Gamer (TV Series), Media Glitch (TV Series)) sorts out her playlist, whilst ignoring Travis’ ill-timed advances. All this action is being watched like a hawk by Jared Scott (Scott Alan Ward, Wolf Hollow). That’s when CeCe (Toya Morman, Just the two of us (TV Mini Series)) walks in wanting to borrow Travis’ pickup Truck. Travis isn’t happy about this, as she has Frank (Brook Hubbs, Vamped) sat in the truck, and CeCe is feeling amorous. She heads into the toilet to do some drugs, while John (Joseph D. Webb) sits on the john, unnoticed by CeCe.¬† All this revelry is broken by loud bangs, believing that it’s kids messing about with fireworks Lee grabs a bat and heads out to scare them off, but another bang and Lee comes back fatally shot.

Suddenly Gail (Holly Rockwell, Everything Will Be Fine in the End, I Am Gitmo), Mac (Kevin Caliber, Another Coffeehouse Chronicles Movie, Desert Moon), Will (Xavier Roe), Lo (Likun Jing), and Frenzy (Ashley Undercuffler, Sauce Boys, Linked) come crashing into the bar. They are  five people hooked on heroin and being hunted down by Hunter (Al Gomez, Hi-Riders, Countdown 2 Zero), a man searching for the thing that murdered his wife, and he has brought some like-minded people.

The Last Exit will be the final resting place for a lot of people tonight, as the Craving takes control.

Craving is a full-blooded horror, watch the blood fly, as well as the body parts. With just enough of the tongue-in-cheek to get away with it, Love it.

Craving is a great bloody romp.

Craving is available to stream now.


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DirectorJason Horton
GenreHorror, Crime, Thriller
StarringFelissa Rose, Al Gomez, Holly Rockwell, Kevin Caliber, Ashley Undercuffler