Road Rash Reviews

Chaos Rising Review

4 Star
Death Comes in the Night.
When experienced independents come together with a plan, you’d hope that things will turn out well. Well, any fantasy fan worth his salt is going to love this Warhammer themed Medieval romp, those war-hammer’s are put to good use as peasants and Knights go head-to-head with the invaders from the North. In this crowdfunded masterpiece,…more

London Bridge is Falling Down: Build it up! Review ****-

Cert U | 48 mins | 2022

4 Star
The 50-Year Question, Was He Conned.
Once again we are educated by Mr Jon-Paul Gates (The Color of your skin, Vampires True or Fiction, Rescue Me: International – Cat Rescue, Love on Demand), this time it is all about the events in the 1960s when the historic London Bridge came to the end of its life, and somehow it ended…more

Vampires True or Fiction Documentary Review ****-

Cert U | 38 mins | 2021

4  Star
All You Need to Know.
Once again prolific director, producer, actor Jon-paul Gates (Brexit: the Will of the People, Love on Demand, The Doll Master, Red Army Hooligans, The Howling) brings us one of his in-depth documentaries. This time it is the ever present Vampires, are they true or are they pure fiction?

Jon-Paul hosts this short but concise documentary. He…more

Venus (Short) Review and Interview with Director Nicola Irvine ****-

15 mins | 2019

4 Star
A Timely Tale
RRR has the pleasure of bringing you Nicola Irvine‘s first short film Venus, a dark tale of child abduction. Nicola is afraid of tackling touchy subject matter, but I remember being taught in school not to talk to strangers. Venus tells the story of young Tamara Naughton (Chloe Stannage, White) and the drudgery of her day to…more

Ramel Carter (Short) Review ****-

Cert Unknown, YouTube | 30 mins | 2018

4 Star
Love, Honour and Action.
People fight hard to get a film made, non more than an independent production crew on their first project. Directs and acts, does the special effects, camera and electrics and edits, first timer Chris Greene (Alex Riley) does a sterling job of Louie Pizzle‘s story. Ramel Carter is a fast paced action short that has plenty of Martial…more

The Bruvs Review ****-

Cert 18 | 2-3 mins | 2014-

4  Star
Blood is Thicker than Skulls.
The Bruvs comes from the minds of Ian Brown (Joe and Caspar Hit the Road) and Eoin Clarke (1300cc) and is directly aimed at the adult audience. Ian tells RRR about The Bruvs.
The films feature a family of East London villains trying to go straight in a new home in Essex – and failing big…more

StormFront Part 1 Review

4 Star
OST gets a Rebirth.
From Shadowstorm Studios comes their first part of the newest ship in Starfleet the Melbourne, Captained by Nathan T. Cooper (Michael Sylvester). Written and directed by Jeremy Minard (Hidden Fear).
The U.S.S. Melbourne is in battle with other Starfleet ships, firing its torpedoes and taking out nacelles and cutting off saucer sections before the ships explode.

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