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Moth Promo

Cert 18 tbc | 2016

moth_poster_final_FBFollowing on from their 4 Star 2015 film Bodom directors József Gallai and Gergö Elekes have given an exclusive insight into their next project, Moth. Another horror survival found-footage film where we see Thora (Lídia Szabó) and Adam (József Gallai).

Producers: Gergő Elekes producer, Kitti Galambos associate producer, József Gallai producer, Sándor Gál co-producer, John Lepper executive producer, Viola Major co-producer.

MothLídia_SzabójpgMothJózsef_GallaijpgThora is an enthusiastic lecturer at an English University where Adam is studying hard to become a Forensic Investigator when he graduates.

Thora has a fixation with the legend of the “Mothman” an apparition that seems to be around or herald upcoming disasters.

The pair head to Hungary in search of signs of the their quarry and they are about to find out that,

“The Truth is Always Scarier”

Moth_still_001Moth_still_002jpgEditor: Gergő Elekes, Production Designer: Zoltán Jakab.


Elekes Pictures, The Blood-Shed, Rovar Pictures.

Expected to hit the Screens January 2016.

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DirectorJózsef Gallai and Gergö Elekes
GenreHorror, Found-Footage, Survival.
StarringLídia Szabó, József Gallai
Category: Cinema, Promo