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A Million Days Digital Release Review****-

Cert 15 | 83 mins | 2023

4 Star

Do A.I.’s Dream Outside the Box?

From making music videos to doing feature films, director Mitch Jenkins (Fields of the Nephilim: Forever Remain, The Show) brings us a tense look into the near future, at the questions you should ask and those you shouldn’t, as the future of mankind is at stake. A Million Days isn’t all lasers and space battles, but an intense look at the power of an A.I. and how it could impact the human race.

Space, it’s a dangerous place and an event ten years ago plagues Commander Anderson Regal (Simon Merrells, Spartacus (TV Series), The Tomorrow People (2013-2014 TV Series)) where he lost Nazra (Nina Mahdavi, The Monkey and the Mouth), a fellow crew member on a spacewalk. Anderson blames the pilot Gene (Darrell D’Silva, Wrath of Man, Informer (TV Series)) for her death, and so did the investigators.

Gene has been missing for ten years, and Anderson is about to see the last ten years work on the “Seed Program” come to fruition, as he and his wife Sam (Kemi-Bo Jacobs, London Has Fallen, Death in Paradise (TV Series)) go through the data their purpose made A.I. ‘Jay’ has come up with on the Anderson moon colonization project taking off tomorrow morning.

But first they must sort out problems on the space station high above them, as a docking clamp is in the closed position and Vlad (Peter Horvath) doesn’t have the right key to sort out the problem. With seconds ticking away, Anderson manages to send a 3D printer program to the space station and save the day.

Sam has a new team member, Charlie (Hermione Corfield, Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation), and she was tasked with running a four-hundred day simulation on Jay, to assess the risks of man on the moon colony. But it soon becomes apparent that Charlie has made a mistake and run the prediction for the One-Million Days, and things don’t go as predicted. Now they have one night to sort out the future of humanity.

A Million Days is a slow burner that gets under your skin and has you guessing at the future of mankind. A definite one for the Sci-Fi fan and for those who want to debate the future of us and A.I.

A Million Days is available on Digital Platforms 18 March. Distributed by Signature Entertainment

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DirectorMitch Jenkins
StarringSimon Merrells, Hermione Corfield, Kemi-Bo Jacobs, Darrell D'Silva