Road Rash Reviews

The Trust Review ****-

Cert 15 | 88 mins | 2016

4 Star
Bent Cops, Criminals and a Stash.
From first time writing/directing siblings Alex Brewer, Benjamin Brewer comes a new slant on the buddy, heist movie. Set in Las Vegas we find that the cops are as bent as those they try to put behind bars. It’s a free for all, just who is the best at it? Done in a style of…more

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies *****

108 mins | 2016

5 stars of heaving bosoms, blades and brainsss.
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is based on the original story and characters from the classic 1813 novel written by Jane Austen and has undergone quite a significant transformation at the hands of Seth Grahame-Smith.
“Franklin, are there more scones?”
It’s 19th century England and a mysterious and deadly plague has swept the country. The…more

JeruZalem Review ****-

Cert 15 | 94 mins | 2016

4 stars for this apocalyptic found footage film.
JeruZalem is written and directed by Doron and Yoav Paz, a.k.a. The PAZ Brothers (Phobidilia).
Set against the backdrop of modern day Jerusalem, the potential for a story is enormous and for the most part they took advantage of that fact.
“…There are three gates to hell. One in the desert, one in the ocean,…more

The Road Within Promo


As a young man isolated in his efforts to hide his Tourette’s—Vincent is suddenly forced into the world when his mother passes away. Vincent finds himself at a center for those dealing with similar psychological disorders after his absent father sends him away to avoid responsibility and any disruption in the midst of his political campaign.…more

Legend Blu-ray Review ****-

Cert 18 | 131 mins | 2015

4 Star
Swinging, Smashing and Crashing 60’s
Writer/director Brian Helgeland (Writer, L.A. Confidential, Mystic River, The Sin Eater) (Directing, The Sin Eater, Payback, A Nights Tale) knows how to tell a great tale and he has kept up the good work with Legend.

(First off. If you are not a fan of the ‘C’ swear word, this is not the film…more

Estranged Review ***--

Cert 18 | 101 mins | 2015

3 stars for this tense psychological horror.
Written by William Borthwick (City Rats, The Passenger) and Simon Fantauzzo (Convenience) and directed by Adam Levins (Population Zero), Estranged is one of the films curated by the FrightFest Presents team and is being released as one of the first phase of six films in time for Halloween.
January (Amy Manson – Not Another Happy Ending)…more

Sword of Vengeance Promo, Interview

Cert 15 | 87 mins | 2015

Sword of Vengeance
On DVD and Digital Download now from Entertainment One. 

Ed Skrein (The Transporter Legacy, TV’s Game of Thrones)
Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle, TV’s Peaky Blinders)
Karel Roden (RocknRolla, The Bourne Supremacy)
When a Norman prince returns to his homeland after years in slavery, his code of honour demands bloody retribution for the murder of his father.
Becoming an unlikely freedom fighter, he brings hope to the subjects…more

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