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Jade Digital Release Review****-

Cert 15 | 98 mins | 2024

4 star awesome ass-kicking action.

Jade is a 2024 American action/martial arts/thriller film, written and directed by James Bamford (Air Force One Down, Shadowland).

It is available to stream on UK Digital Platforms from 24th June 2024 courtesy of 101 Films.

“With everyone in the city seemingly against her, what they didn’t count on is if you meet Jade in a dark alley, your best bet is to run.”

Jade (Shaina WestBlack Widow) is a young British woman who was forced to flee London with her brother after the brutal murder of their parents. Once in America, they were recruited into a “Club” run by Ortiz (Marcus Vincios Maciel – Altered Carbon) and with deep ties to organized crime.

Following a tense visit to Layla (Katherine McNamara – Air Force One Down), the girlfriend of her brother and mother-to-be of his child, she is stopped outside by Logan (Matthew Yanagiya – Binged to Death). He tells her he stashed something important in her bag and she must keep it safe at any cost.

That something is a hard drive and it soon becomes apparent that the contents are very important to a lot of people. Local crime boss Tork (Mickey RourkeAngel Heart, Eureka) takes a particular interest, alongside a host of goons of various shapes and sizes and a mysterious figure from her past, Reese (Mark DacascosBrotherhood of the Wolf, Batman: Soul of the Dragon) who is now an Interpol agent. Can she use her not inconsiderable skills to fight her way out of this sticky situation? You bet she can.

“Hey, discount Brad Pitt. You’re f**king sh*t at that game…”

Jade is a very entertaining film. The action sequences are plentiful and very well executed and Shaina West is definitely one to watch for the martial arts fans. Her brand of butt kicking is extremely satisfying and her salty one liners are very amusing. Mickey Rourke is quite interesting in it too, he looks like a spitting image puppet of himself, which is weird, but suits the larger than life character.

The whole film is framed in a graphic novel style, which won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I found it suited the narrative and the action very well.

This film feels like what would happen if Coffy and John Wick had a love child, and that is a wonderful thing. Great to see a new up and coming star on the martial arts scene and looking forward to seeing what is next in store for Shaina West. Well worth a watch, grab your popcorn and enjoy.

“These stupid, sh*t stained, cowboy f**ks pulled Logan off the street, ‘cos he apparently had some black box or whatever..”

Jade is available now on UK Digital Platforms.

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DirectorJames Bamford
GenreAction, thriller
StarringShaina West, Mark Dacascos, Mickey Rourke, Katherine Mc Namara
Category: Digital, film, Review