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Passion Review****-

Cert U | 83 mins | 2010

asiahouse4 Star Mongolian Documentary.

Passion, is an in-depth film about Binder Jigjid, a man struggling across Mongolia trying to show his film “Human Traffic” as they follow in the footsteps of his father. Binder is a man that has truly suffered for his craft, after spending a whole day in a freezing river led to him becoming a hunchback. A great story of a man with a true passion for the filmmaker in Mongolian society after the collapse of the communist regime.
passionsakhyaThe director Byamba Sakhya will be in conversation with the Festival’s artistic director Jasper Sharp after the screening followed by a Q &A with the audience

A poignant introduction to two very different eras of Mongolian cinema set against the country’s expansive backdrop, in which we join up-and-coming director Byamba Sakhya (Remote Control) as he documents a journey across the steppes undertaken by another filmmaker, Binder Jigjid.

As Binder sets out on an epic road trip from village to village to prompassionbinder1ote his new micro-budget feature, he contrasts his own experiences working within the commercial climate of the contemporary industry with that of his father, Jigjid Dejid, a key figure in Mongolian cinema during the studio golden age of the Communist regime.

A vivid depiction of a society that has undergone vast changes set against a timeless landscape, Sakhya’s bittersweet account of the journey provides more than just a comprehensive introduction to an underexplored cinematic heritage. It poses questions about how an artist can survive within a radically changed system, and whether passion is ever enough to triumph against harsh economic reality.


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Adults £10.50 Asia House Friends £8.50 Concessions £8

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DirectorByamba Sakhya
GenreHistorical, cultural, modern.