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Enemy Mine Blu-ray Review****-

Cert 12 | 108 mins | 1985

enminecover4 Star

Enemies, Survival and Traditions.

Based on Barry B. Longyear‘s story of the same name and directed by Wolfgang Petersen (The NeverEnding Story, Das Boot), he brings us a tale of enemies that have to get along to survive. Now it is in lovely crispy Blu-ray from it’s 1985 release. A true Sci-Fi film for fans.

enminefortIt is the late 21st Century and all is at peace on Earth. They have turned their gaze to the stars and start exploring and colonising, but they find out humans are not alone, the Dracs are claiming squatters rights to some of the richest star systems in the galaxy. This can mean only one thing, ‘War’ and it will be played out light years away from the human home world.

enmineshipWillis Davidge (Dennis Quaid, The Day After Tomorrow, The Long Riders) is the man that hates the Dracs, even though he has never really seen one and when they attack he is off in his fighter with his co-pilot Joey (Lance Kerwin, Salem’s Lot) and the rest of the human fighters. They head off out into the black and give chase as they dog-fight amongst the stars and lose comrades on both sides.  enminedawichDavidge takes umbrige and gives chase to one of the enemy fighters. They head for a planet as Davidge takes pot shots at the Drac and when he finally gets a hit he follows it down for the confirmed kill. When the Drac ejects the ship literally hits the fan and Willis’ ship is headed down. They crash land and Joey is mortally wounded.

As his ship explodes in a fireball Joey succumbs to his injury and Davidge vows vengeance when he spots smoke from his enemies crashed ship.

enminecritterWillis heads off to find the enemy and put an end to this battle once and for all. He travels through different terrain and passes by the local flora and fauna which is also fighting for their survival on this harsh planet.

enminespottedHe finally finds the downed ship and his enemy and sets about setting a trap for the asexual reptile. When he sees the Drac eating from his escape pod he is reminded about his empty stomach.

The pair of them battle but realise that if they are to survive they will have to do it together after they come into contact with the local wildlife and the deadly periodic meteor showers.

enminejerryThey start to communicate and Jeriba ‘Jerry’ Shigan (Louis Gossett Jr., Legend of the Mummy) starts to learn English as “Dah-witch” is trying to be superior to his old enemy. They make a shelter to stave off the elements.

enminehomeDah-witch is plagued with nightmares of spaceships flying over the planet and is compelled to go in search of rescue.

He scours the planet in his long search for signs of others and he finds slavers using Dracs to mine the planet, the operation is run by a big human Stubbs (Brion James, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element). Willis runs back to Jerry but is surprised to find him in labour.

enminehopeJerry passes away during the birth of Zammis (Bumper Robinson, Behind Enemy Lines), but before his last breath he makes Daw-wich promise that he will take Zammis to his council and recite his lineage. and gives him a metal book so he can learn his language.

Will he keep his promise or will the lure of rescue be to much for him.

This film flopped at the cinema but I love it and will certainly be adding this Blu-ray edition to my collection. A great way to spend a weekend afternoon, to be whisked light-years away.


enminebanner1Available to Order Online Now.


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DirectorWolfgang Petersen
GenreSci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Drama
StarringDennis Quaid, Louis Gosset Jr., Brion James, Richard Marcus, Carolyn McCormick
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