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Bleach Series 13 Part 2 DVD Review*****

Cert 12 | 325 mins | 2014

5 stars of ongoing hostilities between Soul Society and the Arrancar.Bleach 13 2 Cover

Bleach Series 13 Part 2 carries on Fall Of The Arrancar and is set during the Fake Karakura Town arc (See Bleach Series 13 Part 1)

After the shock arrival of Wonderweiss and his revelations that the Espada are in fact still alive, the captains of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads must now also come to terms with the other new arrivals on the battlefield, the Visoreds.

Bleach 13 2 The VisoredsThis unfortunate group were all originally members of the Gotei 13, who fell prey to Aizen’s hollowfication experiments one hundred years previously. Happily for the good guys, this puts them on their side, as the battle recommences with the Visoreds looking to take out their former Lieutenant, Aizen and his associates, the Espada.

Bleach 13 2 Coyote StarkkLisa and Hiyori step up to assist Hitsugaya in his battle with Tier Harribel, Love and Rose take on Coyote Starrk and Lilynette, and Hachigen enters the battle against Baraggan (the self-proclaimed king of Hueco Mundo) with Suì-Fēng and Ōmaeda. 

As the battles heat  up and everyone is forced to start using their “big guns”, it becomes apparent that, not only are Aizen’s allies not as fond of him as previously thought, but also that he holds little or no respect or feelings for them in return.

Bleach 13 2 Yammy LlargoMeanwhile back in Hueco Mundo, the fight with Yammy Llargo continues and as Ichigo arrives to join in the battle, the captains Byakuya and Kenpachi show up to take over. Meanwhile, Mayuri is approaching with the means to create a Garganta and send Ichigo back to the land of the living to end the war.

Bleach 13 2 ShinjiAs you would expect from Bleach, there is plenty of fighting action, complex story-lines and back stories and great character development. The Fake Karakura Town arc trundles along like a steam roller, it’s very dark but, as ever, the Illustrated Guide to Soul Reapers offers some welcome light relief and humour, plus some useful explanations as to what is going on, alongside Karakura Town: Secrets Of The Seven Mysteries.

This box set also features episode 287, an Arabian Nights style stand alone dream sequence episode featuring Ichigo and friends and made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bleach Manga.

A must see for all Bleach fans out there.

“No world is without sacrifices. Doesn’t he realize this? This sea of blood, covered in ashes – we refer to this Hell as the World.”

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Bleach Series 13 Part 2 is available to buy now on DVD.

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