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Dragon Ball Collection 2 Part 1 DVD Review****-

Cert 12 | 28 x 22 mins | 2002

4 Stars as Goku battles the Red Ribbon Army. dbs2cover

Another great addition to the Dragon Ball story as Goku goes up against more nasty foes.

Now that the tournament is over, Goku and Krillin are at a loose end, with Master Roshi telling them to take a break from training, but Krillin insists on spoiling Roshi’s pervy fun with Launch and goes to live on the island with him.

dbs2gokunimbusA year has passed since the Dragon Balls disappeared so Goku decides that he will try and find his grandfathers 4 star ball. With his happy go lucky attitude, he thinks that it will be an adventure and with the dragon ball locator that Bulma gave him, he sets off on his journey without a care in the world.

Meanwhile Nam heads back to his drought ridden village with Roshi’s present. dbs2namBut along the way he is grabbed by a flying dinosaur and taken off to be its dinner, but fortunately for him he is spotted by the bathing Goku who gives chase and rescues him before Nam heads back to his village. But the water situation gets worse as the present of a ‘dinocap’ full of water isn’t enough to solve the villages problems.

Also making a return is Emperor Pilaf and his sidekicks, he is also searching again for the dragon balls to become the ruler of the world. But what they don’t know about is a new army that is also after the magic dragon summoning balls and they will stop at nothing to gain them.

dbs2redThe Red Ribbon Army is run by the diminutive Commander Red, who has many variously coloured Generals who all scour the land looking for the balls. They enslave whole villages and make them search every nook and cranny, but it’s Goku and his more sophisticated radar that discover the balls and then it’s a bun fight to see who keeps them. As usual there are plenty of fun times with Goku and friends old and new. This is tinged by the cruelty of the opponents and the lengths they will go to acquire the objects of their desire.dbs2genblue

Which brings me to once more disagree with the BBFC and their classification of this as a 12, where a 15 would be more suited, as there are unprovoked executions and very strong threats of murder. I wouldn’t want a 12 year old be subject to those types of violence.

What ever your views this is a great series and lets get all of it on our DVD shelves.

dbs2rrAvailable to Buy on DVD Now.

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