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Liver Birds Collection One on DVD review****-

Cert PG | 360 mins

4 star classic comedy from the early 70s.

Liver Birds Collection OneWho would have believed that a series written about two girls sharing a flat together would run from 1969 through till 1979 and then on to 1996, but it was written by one of the greats Carla Lane (Solo, Bread, Butterflies) and Myra Taylor and that’s the reason it has lasted the test of time.

The Liver Birds are Sandra Hutchenson (Nerys Hughes – The Secret 2002) and Beryl (Polly James – The Worst Witch 2001). They share a room together in a  block of flats in the middle of Liverpool at a time of great fun and style.  Watching it takes you back to a time before technology started to control our lives, so everybody had to talk incessantly at each other.  The air quality must have been really bad back then as they never stop for breath!

But this is a laugh a minute comedy series as you can tell by the audience, it was filmed in front of a live audience.

They spend their time talking about blokes and how to get them and then spend the rest of their time trying get out with the men before the other can get them. 1970s fashions were very interesting looking back at them white patent boots, crochet waistcoats and very interesting colours.

After watching a few episode you will be whistling the theme tune  from the series forever ( I Have been for 40 years) by the Scaffold.

The performances by the two main protagonists is pitch perfect and is still as funny today as it was back then.

So sit back and enjoy over 300 minutes of Scouce humour.

The interview with Polly and Nerys filmed in 2013 has them remembering events that happened 42 years ago to the film crew with an average age of about 20, but you can see that their friendship has lasted the test of time.

Special features:
Exclusive interview with Polly James and Nerys Hughes
The Original Liver Birds- feature about Liverpool’s symbolic birds
Cast Filmographies

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