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Cert 15 | 90 mins | 2012

3 Star High Octane Kowloon Driving. motorwaycover

From the director that brought us Dog Eat Dog, Pou-Soi Cheang, this is an offering of street and mountain road chases, showing off the impressive driving skills that thrill young men, but as a film it just doesn’t hit the top spot as a full movie.

motorwayloncheungCheung, (Shawn Yue, Initial D-Drift Racer) is a young and impatient police officer in the East Kowloon Stealth Squad, implemented to catch the illegal street racers, along with his seasoned partner Lo, (Anthony Wong, Hard Boiled). Nearing his retirement Lo takes life at a slower pace than his young partner and Cheung thinks that it his old, rather than, ‘been there done that and sold the T-shirt’.motorwaycheung1

Cheung is even so eager that when a car gets away from a chase he spends money on his own car to tune it up, then he goes in search of the runaway car to deal with it in his own style.


Meanwhile there is a plan going on to break out a police prisoner, by an infamous breakout driver Jiang Xin. He gets himself arrested so that he can be in the same place as the potential escapee. With shots fired and a modified car impounded, the chase is on, as Cheung gives support.  An all points bulletin is motorwaydriveput out and Lo who is travelling home in a police van, has heard this story before and starts to advise Cheung on where to look for the small getaway vehicle.

This is the premise of this film; narrow alleyways, extremely tight turns with plenty of swerving through traffic and drifting round corners, all the things petrol heads like. The film is let down by Mr Yue’s acting in the moments where it matters. It is Mr Wong’s performance that keeps you going in between the driving scenes.

Definitely one for the fans only.

motorwaycrashAvailable to Buy on DVD 10th March

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