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Robotics: Notes Part 2 DVD Review****-

Cert 12 | 245 mins | 2014

4 stars for the conclusion to this ambitious sci-fi anime.Robotics 2 cover

The usual spoilers apply here, Robotics: Notes Part 2 takes place directly after the events of Robotics: Notes Part 1, so don’t read on if you haven’t seen that one yet!

Kaito is still trying to come to terms with the contents of the Kimijima Report number 3, which details the plans of the Committee of 300 to use solar storms in order to eliminate a large portion of the Earth’s population ready to be controlled under a single government.

Robotics 2 Akiho and GunVarrelThe leaked final episode of Gunvarrel has revealed that the ending to the anime is disturbingly close to the events foretold in the Kimijima reports and even worse, Kaito is being warned off any further investigation by Misaki (Akiho’s sister), who works for the company from which The Committee of 300 obtained their drones.

Robotics 2 KonaAs the rest of the Tanegashima High School Robot Research Club continue to prepare GunBuild-2 for the expo in Tokyo and ponder over the use of monopoles as a power source, Kaito continues to gather the flags required for the next Kimijima Report and Kona has confined herself to her apartment, to lament the loss of her mother, who left for work one morning and never returned.

While there, she discovers subliminal images located within the final episode of Gunvarrel (all the makers of which died shortly after it was finished), which provide a password to an old web site created by her mother and offering a stark warning.

Robotics 2 MizukaWith the evidence mounting up, it becomes increasingly obvious that they must attempt to stop the nefarious and apparently far-reaching plans to wipe out unthinkable numbers of innocent civilians, but will they have the strength required to overcome the mysterious Elephant Mouse Syndrome and the shocking and heartbreaking series of revelations which await them?

Robotics 2 showdownAs with the first part of this series, the visuals are stunning and the storytelling is very strong. There are many threads running through at any given time and although on the surface it might appear superficial, it is greatly helped by the excellent character development, which makes the relationships an integral part of the story and allows for some very touching moments.

For something which boasts a 12 certificate, Robotics: Notes is certainly not afraid to deal with some very sensitive issues such as suicide, character death and betrayal, but never fear, there is also plenty of robot fighting action to keep you happy.

Very enjoyable to watch this and a fitting conclusion to what was a very interesting start to an anime. A great one to add to your collection.

“Now it’s time for OUR game!”

Robotics 2 Airi

Robotic:Notes Part 2 is available to buy now on DVD.

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