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Twisters: The Real Story Review***--

57 mins | 2024

3 star docu-trailer for an upcoming film release.

Twisters: The Real Story is a 2024 documentary film, written and directed by Robin Bextor (The Exorcist: Untold, Bobby Charlton – Legend).

This documentary takes a look back at 1996 blockbuster Hollywood production Twister, as the sequel is set to blow into UK cinemas soon.

It is available on DVD and Digital Platforms from 1st July 2024, courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.

“The science behind the formation of tornadoes is still an area of much study and it’s still not really fully understood…”

This short and sweet documentary features the expertise of meteorologists Dr. Pete Inness and Paul Knightley, as well as storm chaser Paul Botten and film critic Rich Cline. Together, they offer an insight into the reality of tornadoes, what’s known about the science of their formation, the real life effects that they can have on communities, and the ongoing efforts to understand them.

We also see a real storm chaser’s perspective on the pursuit of this dangerous but spectacular phenomena, something which isn’t always as fun as it sounds, especially when lives are lost. It looks at some of the recent tornadoes, such as the one which struck Little Rock, Arkansas, to show the very real devastation that can occur.

All in all, this is a concise and interesting documentary, giving some new insight into the science behind the films. There are lots of glorious and scary shots of tornadoes tearing their way across the landscape.

Clearly designed to get the juices flowing in anticipation of the new film release of Twisters, it does it’s job well, finishing off with a trailer for the upcoming film. Good fun for fans of the franchise and well worth a watch.

“Most people in Little Rock woke up ready for a regular day at work or at school. Little did they know that today was the one time when they wouldn’t be watching the evening news, they’d be in it, and how.”

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DirectorRobin Bextor
StarringDr. Pete Inness, Paul Botten, Rich Cline, Paul Knightley