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Bloody Homecoming DVD Release Review*----

Cert 15 | 82 mins | 2014

1 star for this tedious “horror” teen slasher flick.Bloody Homecoming cover

Bloody Homecoming is written by Jake Helgren and directed by Brian C. Weed and their lack of experience does rather show through here.

At the start of the film we see a group of teenagers at their school homecoming dance. After being turned away at the door by seniors, they head off to create their own party with some illicit booze in another area of the school.

Bloody Homecoming KidsBut when Billy (Jesse Ferraro – Look At Me Again, Humans Versus Zombies) lures Annie (Grainne McDermott – 12 Dog Days Of Christmas) into a store room under false pretenses and gets a bit too frisky, the youngsters decide to take matters into their own hands.

They lock Billy in the cupboard, but a ridiculous chain of events leads to a fire in which Billy is killed. This paves the way for a “3 years later” moment as we see the friends involved that night preparing for this years homecoming, the first the school has hosted since the fire.

Bloody Homecoming FiremanAll of these happy shenanigans set the scene for a revenge story so implausible that it makes your toes curl. All the students involved in his death receive notes with the ominous message “Happy Homecoming” scrawled in blood and one by one begin to be bumped off.

I was really looking forward to watching this, the premise sounded good, so imagine my disappointment to discover that nothing really actually happens. Bloody Homecoming lockersThere is no gore and very little action. I could do more damage myself with 20 minutes and a sharpened whisk. This would be okay if the script or the story were strong enough to hold it up on their own, but unfortunately they are not.

The acting is also somewhat lacking in gusto from all concerned, the best performance being Annie’s best friend Loren (Lexi Giovagnoli – Varsity Blood, 3 Times A Charm). That is not really saying much for the rest of them though. I’m sure they’ll do fine in American sitcoms.

Probably most annoying of all is that the twist was so feeble and so obvious that even I had worked it out and that is really not good at all! If you like horror films, I would strongly suggest that you find one to watch and don’t bother with this.

Bloody Homecoming BannerBloody Homecoming is available to buy on DVD from 10th March 2014

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