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A Hijacking DVD and Blu-ray Review****-

Cert 15 | 99 mins

A Hijacking DVD & Blu-ray covers4 Stars of tense negotiations

The MV Rozen is Mumbai bound for supplies with sea all around it is  still far from shore, the weather is good and we see the crew checking in with their loved ones and the atmosphere on board is relaxed.

Unlike in the office of Orion Seaways the CEO Peter C. Ludvigsen, (Søren Malling, A Royal Affair) is in negotiations with the Japanese, but his go between Lars Vestergaard, (Dar Salim, The Devils Double) is not good at his job and has to ask for Peter’s aid; which he is justly chastised.

Peter is the expert and he looks after his company very well. But suddenly there is a message from the Rozen saying that they are being boarded, then all communication ceases.

On Board the ship the Captain, (Kieth Pearson, The Constant Gardener) and the cook Mikkel, (Pilou Asbæk, The Whistle Blower) are separated from the rest of the crew, the Captain suffers a mystery illness, so by day 7 Mikkel is called up to the captains cabin where he meets Omar, (Abdihakin Asgar) the negotiator for the hijackers, (he takes great pains to disassociate himself from them.Mikkel)

Mean while Peter says they need an expert in and they call in Mr Connor Julian, (Gary Skjoldmose Porter) a specialist and he recommends that he bring in a trained negotiator, but Peter says he is more qualified than an outsider to look after his interests.

What ensues is months of tense negotiations as the fly on the wall style of  filming tries to get you to work out who is having the worst time of it all. Those on the ship or those sweating in the negotiation room as offers are declined and counter offers are made as the crew fear for their lives.

Eventually after three months Peter is given an ultimatum by his board members to end the siege, or someone else will be brought in.

Will he get the job done or will someone else prevail?

The acting is good all round and it is an edge of the seat film, even as there are high points between the captives and the hijackers and you never know whether or not it will change for the worse at any second.

Available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray from 26th August

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