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Mercs Review****-

Cert TBC (15) | 46 mins | 2017

4 Star

Money, MERCS and Mayhem.

From writer, producer, actor and director Michael Morris, comes an independent action film with a twist, MERCS is a live-action graphic novel. That threads the action with animated sections and speech bubbles in place of subtitles and this puts MERCS tongue very firmly within its cheek.

MERCS is set in different times, dangerous times and if you need a job doing or need something retrieving then who are you gonna call? MERCS of course.

It so happens that GM Global, a leader in the very lucrative cloning market have a problem, their former partner
Morgana Mendell (Tessa McGinn, Two in the Bush Comedy Show) has made off with the encrypted CD that makes the whole process possible.

The CEO of GM Global has got in touch with Major Caleb Ryder (Angus Brown) to retrieve said CD and Caleb has put a team together along with his tech guy Austin Hunt (Michael Baker).

They are hardass Louisa Drake (Kate Marie Davies,┬áDeadman Apocalypse), new medic Lara Kemp (Alicia Ancel, The Anarchist’s Birthday), Andree Chevalier (Marianne Constans), Alessa Carlotta (Carmen Gabriele, Le ombre degli angeli) and the man that has too much fun, Jax (Michael Morris, Two in the Bush Comedy Show).

They know where Mendell is holed up and now the team have to get there.

With twists and turns and things to learn this a great romp, as Michael Morris continues to hone his craft. We can enjoy the fruits of his labours and it is all held together with the cracking soundtrack from our friends at Solo Deep

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StarringKate Marie Davies, Alicia Ancel, Tessa McGinn, Angus Brown, Marianne Constans
Category: film, Independent, Review