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The Incident DVD Release Review***--

Cert 18 | 81 mins

A pretty gruesome horror this – I have given it 3 stars.The Incident

The Incident is set in an insane asylum, always a good start for a horror film. For a new take on this old subject matter however, this particular film concentrates on the kitchen staff. In addition to working together in this rather hair-raising environment the unfortunate cooks also play in a band together in their spare time (interesting, if slightly pointless character development).

You certainly feel sorry for our three main protagonists even before things start to go wrong, not only do they have to cook all the food but they also have to serve it to the crazies from behind a bullet proof screen. Not an enviable task.

This already horrible job gets much worse when a thunderstorm strikes just before dinner, the power to the asylum is cut and the doors begin to open, unleashing psychos aplenty. Help is on the way, but the kitchen staff must survive until it arrives.

Directed by Alexandre Courtes (The Players), this 18 certificate film is thoroughly worthy of that rating. The content is very adult, both visually and psychologically. There are several extremely graphic scenes of violence, so be aware, this is definitely not one for the faint hearted.incident2

The Incident (also called Asylum Blackout) has no shortage of acting talent and the acting is, as you would expect, very good. The film stars, among others, Rupert Evans (Hellboy, Agora), Anna Skellern (I Give It A Year, Siren), Dave Legeno (Snatch, Batman begins, The Cottage) and Kenny Doughty (Elizabeth, The Aryan couple).

It’s never going to be a classic, but if you are into tension, mixed with mindless violence and gore then The Incident is tailor made for you, a most enjoyable watch.

The Incident is available to buy now on DVD

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