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Zombieworld DVD Review****-

Cert 18 | 90 mins | 2015

4 stars of quality blood soaked zombie action.Zombieworld cover

Zombieworld is a highly entertaining gorefest and also a very interesting idea for putting together a film.

This is a full-on, in-your-face account of a zombie apocalypse, held together magnificently by Marvin Gloatt (Bill Oberst Jr.Werewolf Rising, Black Water Vampire), an extraordinarily dedicated news anchor, reporting on the downfall of civilisation and defending his newsroom, while he slowly turns into a zombie over the course of the film. The Zombie News is written by Stefania Moscato and directed by JesseZombieworld Marvin Gloat Baget (Breathless, Cellmates) and forms the backbone of the whole film.

The rest of the content takes the form of lots of short films featuring zombies or zombie themed, from all over the world, each written and directed by a different team and all shot in quite distinctive styles. There are pieces from Canada, Ireland, Australia, Europe and all over America, as the zombie infection sweeps the world.

Zombieworld innocentIncluded among the featured films are Dead Stop, written and directed by Tommy Woodard, depicting the misadventures of a police officer at a service station, who suddenly finds himself surrounded by the undead, Teleportal, directed by Paul Shrimpton, telling the story of a young man who gets more than he bargained for when his zombie game sucks him into his TV, and Certified, written and directed by Luke Asa Guidici, teaching us that children are not always as innocent as they look and that sometimes just the idea of zombies is enough to send people running.

Zombieworld JesusThere are also several installments of a public service announcement entitled How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, which offers many handy hints and tips, (including a most ingenious use for a bicycle seat!) and would surely be enough to save you if the worst came to the worst.

My two personal favourites are both by David Muñoz and Adrian Cardona and are the first and last shorts featured. Fist Of Jesus offers an alternative and extremely hilarious theory about the raising of Lazarus, as the big man himself wields fish with a rarely seen level of enthusiasm, not to mention rivers of blood and guts.

Zombieworld Sea ZombiesLast but by no means least is Brutal Relax, starring the fantastic Jose Maria Angorrilla as a raging psychopath attempting to relax on a beach (while covered in mud), whose holiday is rudely interrupted by sea zombies, which he then proceeds to dismember with great relish and efficiency.

If you are a fan of the zombie genre then this film will definitely appeal to you. If not then it won’t, it’s pretty much as simple as that. It’s nice to see a production which gives an opportunity to so many filmmakers who are just starting out, and some of these shorts are absolutely brilliant, packed with great special effects (and some rubbish ones e.g. armour made from milk cartons!) and with plenty of good writing and laugh out loud humour.

Highly recommended, sit back and enjoy the end of the world.

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Zombieworld is available to buy now on DVD

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DirectorJesse Baget
GenreHorror, Comedy
StarringBill Oberst Jr, Kevin Allen-Bicknell, Timothy Brennen, Jose Maria Angorrilla, Ry Barrett
Available to buy on : Own Zombieworld on DVD
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