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Homicide McLeod Trailer

From independent film makers Born Scared Studios comes their first trailer for their first full length film. Homicide McLeod an action comedy.

“Homicide McLeod is based around our main character Homicide McLeod. He’s like Dick Tracy meets Riggs from Lethal Weapon. Homicide McLeod is looking for info on a new substance that has made its way into his city. The usual small time runners are all getting whacked and answers are becoming hard to find. The drug is untraceable and worse yet nobody knows what it is or where it comes from. Homicide asks his father Slaughter McLeod for help and the two embark on a ridiculous BLOOD filled adventure.”

Homicide McLeod is now in post production and Born Scared Studios are hoping for a Summer 2017 Release, watch this space for details.


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