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Essex Boys: Law of Survival “Six Shooter” Interview

Finally the man in charge Director Steven M. Smith

1: What drove you to make the struggle of making Essex Boys: Law of Survival on a micro budget?
Stepping stones, and doors open. Essex Boys is a franchise and gets you out there.

2: What are your best memories of making Essex Boys: Law of Survival?
Just mucking in and trying to produce a mainstream film on a zero budget.

3: What makes you get up in the morning?
ebloscasKnow this could be our last day on earth as nobody can predict the future. But it would be nice to have just another 15 minutes in bed pleaseā€¦

4: Are you planning any future projects, (if you can say)?
Yes we have 9 projects in the pipeline, but cannot say anymore about them at present.

5: Do you think the Horror genre is the best breakthrough for budding directors?
It isn’t about breakthroughs, its about making the films you enjoy making. Sometimes you have to take a different angle to get to where you want to be. Horror is a sound genre and always does well, and if you cannot find a mainstream distributor you can always go down the self-distribution angle and it will sell. But don’t make your first film for more than 20k.

6: What does the future hold for this writer, producer, director?
So many bigger better films and great stories to tell you all.


Thanks to Steven and all those that took the time to answer the Six Shooter Questions for RoadRashReviews

Stay tuned for more interviews with up and coming films etc.


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